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Open Thread: So, What’s On Your Mind?

What the heck, let’s try this again. You wanted open comments; go ahead, say something…

IVIE 2009 Projections

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the comatosely accurate IVIE projections for 2009 (explanation). For the hitters, I’ve included the name of a player whose career line is similar to our projection. As always, thanks to all who participated. Enjoy… Padres IVIE Projections for 2009: Hitters Player No. PA BA OBP SLG Comp Matt [...]

Blast from the Past: Fun with Mail

Back in the day, before we had comments, I used to run a mailbag feature every so often. Here are a couple of fun ones from Novembers past: Mustang Sally, Bolero, and Spam. Self-indulgence at its finest. This is perhaps my “La Villa Strangiato” of all postings. It goes everywhere, whether it needs to or [...]

Guys You Wish You’d Forgotten Were Padres

We’re still safe here; hope you are, too. If you’re looking for info on the fires, ways to help, etc., check this thread. Otherwise, by request, here is a stupid follow-up to last week’s stupid post: Player Year(s) Shawn Abner 1987-91 George Arias 1997-99 Mark Bellhorn 2006 Sean Bergman 1996-97 Dewon Brazelton 2006 Chris Brown [...]

Mailbag: Special Vinny Edition

The Adam Eaton to Texas rumors continue to float around but as yet, nothing has actually happened. Meantime, we’ve gotten some real good responses on the Brian Lawrence – Vinny Castilla trade so I thought I’d run a few letters, comments, and the like. Enjoy… From the venerable and ubiquitous Anonymous: I heard from a [...]

More Castilla Reaction

I’m still recovering from the trip out to Arizona, but here’s a hodgepodge of reaction from various sources. Thanks again to my wife for getting the initial post out in a timely manner while I was away. Padres Blogs Lawrence sent to the Nationals for 38 year old Vinny Castilla (Gaslamp Ball) What The Fu-?!?!?!?! [...]