Guys You Wish You’d Forgotten Were Padres

We’re still safe here; hope you are, too. If you’re looking for info on the fires, ways to help, etc., check this thread. Otherwise, by request, here is a stupid follow-up to last week’s stupid post:

Player Year(s)
Shawn Abner 1987-91
George Arias 1997-99
Mark Bellhorn 2006
Sean Bergman 1996-97
Dewon Brazelton 2006
Chris Brown 1987-88
Sean Burroughs 2002-05
Vinny Castilla 2006
Jeff Cirillo 2004
Deivi Cruz 2002
Ben Davis 1998-2001
Glenn Dishman 1995-96
Dave Eiland 1992-93
Wiki Gonzalez 1999-2003
Luther Hackman 2003
Jack Howell 1991
LaMarr Hoyt 1985-86
D’Angelo Jimenez 2001-02
Bobby Jones 2001-02
Marc Kroon 1995-98
Richie Garcia Mark Langston 1998
Derek Lilliquist 1990-91
Ray McDavid 1994-95
Donaldo Mendez 2001-03
Doug Mirabelli 2006
Keith Moreland 1988
Heath Murray 1997-99
Randy Myers 1992, 1998
Charles Nagy 2003
Kevin Nicholson 2000
Melvin Nieves 1993-95
Eddie Oropesa 2004
Methuselah Orosco 2003
Mike Pagliarulo 1984 1989-90
Joe Randa 2005
Tim Redding 2005
Ruben Rivera 1997-2000
Kerry Robinson 2004
Stan Spencer 1998-2000
Dennis Tankersley 2002-04
Kerry Taylor 1993-94
Brian Williams 1995
Ed Wojna 1985-87

Anyone we’re “missing”? Remember that some guys who might rub us the wrong way (Jim Leyritz) did make positive contributions to the team.

Winter Leagues

Seems obvious, but it bears repeating that winter-league stats represent an extremely small sample. Take them with the appropriate buckets of salt.

  • Saguaros 9, Mesa 3 (box). Will Venable went 1-for-5 with a strikeout while batting cleanup and DH’ing.
  • Culiacan 11, Mexicali 4 (box). Jared Wells gave up the game’s final three runs. Among other things, he walked ex-Padre Ruben Rivera (who went 1-for-3 and scored three runs) and struck out Pete LaForest (who finished 2-for-5 with 2 RBI). Benji Gil? Karim Garcia? Funny the names you see in winter ball.
  • Estrellas 6, Escogido 5 (box). Vince Sinisi, batting third and DH’ing, went 3-for-4 with a walk.
  • Navojoa 16, Obregon 5 (box). Looks like maybe the Mexican Pacific League has a mercy rule; this one went seven innings. Oscar Robles singled and walked in five trips to the plate. Luis Cruz, playing third base and moving up to #6 in the order, doubled in five at-bats.
  • Caribes 10, Caracas 8 (box). Right-hander Paul Abraham came on to strike out the final batter in the ninth inning of his team’s loss.

Whoomp, there it is…

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  1. I didn’t really mind Joe Randa, He did not have a great half season here but he plugged the hole that Burroughs created and the pads gave up Germano and Chick to get him.

  2. also I would have put Darrell May on the list

  3. Eddie Oropesa: When you absolutely must have a lefty in the pen, no matter how putrid.

    I always liked Luther Hackman for one reason: In a game against the Giants, runners on, score was close and Barry Bonds was up. Hackman fell behind I think 1-0 or 2-1 and instead of throwing a couple of wide ones he pitched aggresively and got Bonds out. I was impressed with Bochy for not walking Bonds and with Hackman for having the testicular fortitude to go after him like that. Just one of those minor victories we used to savor when real victories were rare.

  4. #3: Nice Hackman story. I omitted May from my list for a similar reason: his only victory as a Padre came against Johan Santana.

  5. So is everyone rooting for the Rockies tonight? I hate to say it but I’m rooting for the redsox.

  6. Pagliarulo, that stain, was a Padre and 89 and 90, not 84.

  7. Steve…I am proudly wearing my sox gear today.

  8. Go Red Sox
    Go Matt Antonelli

  9. Few glad to hear im not the only Sox fan here.

  10. I always root against a division rival

  11. If the Rockies win, we’re the only NL West team without a WS championship. But if the Red Sox win, they’re getting less distinguishable from the Yankees.

  12. #6: Thanks, TW; not sure how I missed that.

    #8: Thanks, Jack, for stopping by; best of luck to Matt!

  13. #3: If you ever want to win a bar wager, bet on who the winning pitcher was in the first (regular season) game ever played at Petco Park.

    Yep, none other than Eddie Oropesa, in 10 innings against the Giants.

  14. Thank You Geoff
    and thanks to everyone for their support of Matt.

  15. In the Kerry Robinson category, I nominate Eugene Kingsale for the list.

  16. #15: Kingsale wasn’t that bad. Of 53 outfielders with 200 or more career PA in a Padres uni, he ranks 30th in OPS+:

    I should have included Stan Jefferson, though.

  17. Ricky Stone?

  18. Tom Lampkin?

  19. Hi folks,
    My first post … hold the applause please.

    I would put Myers and Mirabelli at the top of the list. But here’s another for you: Ray Lankford!

    Be safe everyone. Go Rockies!

    -A long time Padre fan from the Commonwealth of Kentucky

  20. #17, 18: I thought about Stone; is 32.2 IP enough? Lampkin is a good call; we could probably add Gary “2-0 Infield Popup” Bennett as well.

    #19: Welcome, sir! Shockingly, Lankford ranks 28th on the list provided in #15. He was more productive than the very popular Eric Owens.

  21. 19, 20: I suspect that what makes many people so down on Lankford was that Woody went to St. Louis and threw the hell out of the ball.

  22. #21: Yep. That trade still should have worked…

  23. Re: 20 Brazelton only had 18, granted they were a terrible 18 but still only 18

  24. #20: That is a bit surprising. I was more surprised to see Joe Carter way down in 44th (but at least he did have 115RBI).

    #21: That’s probably a factor, but I never liked it from the start.

  25. #23: Hmmm, good point. In my mind, he pitched a lot more than that. (The nightmares have finally subsided.)

  26. For us old time fans, Tom Phoebus should be on the list, one of the Padres early, bad trades, (Pat Dobson was traded, though we did get Enzo…)

  27. Former Padre Wes Gardner ! How could we forget Wes Gardner. For some reason I will always remember this Wes Gardner Save against LA in their home opener.……4120.shtml

    He was out of baseball shortly thereafter.

  28. I’m definitely pulling for the Sox. I’ve gotten over my “How can the effing Rockies get to the WS when they’re only 15 years old as a franchise” phase by remembering the Padres were only 15 years old as a franchise in ’84. However, I will not be a happy camper if the Rockies win a WS before us. The fact that the freaking Marlins have 2 just leaves me speechless.

  29. Want to know just how bad the Padres were in 1993 ? Examine the careers of guys like Kevin Higgins, Mark Ettles, or Tim Mauser.

  30. OT: Chargers are not talking about playing sundays game in Dallas.

  31. Ooops we are also missing the illustrious Dwain Anderson who put up a .121/.223/.121 line with 3 RBI in 107 at bats in 1973. In case you are thinking “good field, no hit” Dwain also contributed 9 errors in 39 games at SS for an illustrious .932 fielding percentage.

  32. No true baseball fan (unless you are currently living in New England) should be rooting for the Red Sox. There are many reasons for this but I will list a few:

    1) The Rockies are simply a better story with 21 in their last 22 games, their 3 run comeback in the tie-breaker game (ack!), the first team since the 1976 Reds to win their first 7 playoff games.

    2) The Rockies are built from their farm system rather than with expensive free agents. The Rockies have 16 home grown players on their roster and a payroll of $54m, the Red Sox have 4 players and a payroll of $143m.

    3) If the Red Sox win the World Series, it will validate ESPN and Fox’s fixation on the Red Sox and Yankees to the detriment of all the other teams. Right now, for the networks, MLB consists of those two teams first and then all the rest of the teams are an afterthought. Other teams need to win to get the networks off this vicious cycle.

    4) Finally, and most importantly, Red Sox fans (in fact most people from the New England area) are the most obnoxious fans out there. Another WS win would make those Mass-holes just that much more insufferable. There’s a reason that the Red Sox have become more hated then the Yankees recently and it’s not because they are successful (remember they missed the playoffs and finished behind the Blue Jays last season).

  33. Re: 32

    1) Im still bitter

    2) Redsox have a great farm system which gave them Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury and Jonathan Papelbon. Also they used thier farm system to trade for Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, Jason Varitek, Coco Crisp, and Curt Schilling.

    3) As much as we hate to admit it the Red Sox and Yankees games get the best raitings and thats what drives TV stations.

    4) I like Red Sox fans, they can be obnoxious but its normaly as a Pro-Red Sox chant and not in a negative way to other teams like ::cough:: ::cought:: Yankees fans are.

    I became a sox fan for the following reason.

    1) Ted Williams
    2) I love the city of Boston
    3) You can’t go to a game at Fenway and not become a Red Sox fan.
    4) I HATE the Yankees!

  34. 32: I am not a baseball fan, I am a Padre fan.

    I have only two sentiments that drive my baseball allegiances: pro-padres is #1 and anti-yankees a distant second.

    go sox, boo rox

  35. No Padres fan should be pulling for the Rockies. If you do, you have a short memory.

    The Rockies are in the playoffs because of a blown call — which no one in the media noticed, apparently — that kept the Padres out of the playoffs.

  36. 35: I disagree. I “hate” the Sox as much as the Yanks now.

  37. What other MLB teams apparel does everyone else have in your closet other than Padres.

    I have some Red Sox gear and a throwback Willie McCovey jersey.

  38. 32: Completely agree. If I’m gonna root for any team, it’s gonna be the team that beat us. After all, the past two teams that have ended the Padres’ season has ended up in the World Series. Makes the wound a little bit less painful when you remember that.

    If ya gotta get beat, get beat by the best.

    And yeah, Sox fans are the worst ever. Maybe worse than Cubs fans.


  39. The team that beats the Padres is their enemy. Your enemy’s enemy is your friend.

  40. Steve C: with regards to point 3 the question is whether the ratings for Yankees-Red Sox is mainly because that’s all that the networks and MLB promote or because there is that much interest by the casual fans in those two teams. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg argument. Personally I believe that it’s the nonstop promotion of the two teams that drives the ratings, but I could be wrong.

    Why root for any big-market team? So much of the backlash against the Yankees has been because of the perception that they’ve been buying their playoff spots. Why are the Red Sox any different? Luckily for both teams both GMs are just marginally competent (Cashman has been holding the Yankees back for years and Theo couldn’t even put together a playoff team with the #2 payroll in baseball last season).

    As a Padres fan I always root for the NL team over the AL team (unless it’s the Angels) — except for maybe the Dodgers although I did root for them in the 1988. I don’t see why we should hate the Rockies — they are a .500 team that got incredibly lucky down the stretch. Plus if the Rockies sweep the Red Sox, the Padres can say that they were the only team to “beat” or at least give them a good game in the postseason.

    Finally, regarding Holliday never touching the plate — I think we can agree that he was out at the plate. But there would’ve still been a runner on 2nd with two outs, Hawpe up and the pitcher’s spot coming up next. I’d assume they’d walk Hawpe so I have no idea who would come up next but what do you think the odds are that the next batter would have gotten a hit off Hoffman? With the way he was pitching, I’d say pretty good. Plus, at worst the game would’ve been tied, and the home team has a huge advantage in that situation. At best, the Padres had a 25% chance of winning that game. Better than zero chance that they had because of the blown call, but the odds were that they were still going to lose that game.

  41. If you watch the play again, Hawpe had not advanced to second. He would have been on first.

    Man on first. Two outs. Hoffman on the mound. You can assume the worst if you want, but I don’t. The Padres should be in the series, as far as I’m concerned.

  42. Re: 40 The Yankees and Red Sox are big draws for three reasons:

    1. History of success, casual fans like to watch winners.
    2. Star Players, casual fans like to watch players who they know a little about.
    3. Markets, New York is the largest media market and the New England Market is not far behind, so they are pulling from a larger Avid fan base as well as the casual one.

    You can still argue the chicken and the egg with my first 2 arguments but both teams were successful and had their biggest stars before payrolls were an issue.

  43. I agree that the NY and NE are the biggest media markets in the country but that still leaves about 85% of the country that don’t live there. My main argument is that MLB is hurting themselves in the long run by focusing so much on the Yankees and Red Sox. Focusing on them is good in the short-term but probably not good for the long-term growth of the game. Not much of a shocker that Bud and the owners are looking short-term but par for the course for them.

  44. Re: 43 it has worked since they have started to put games on TV. Its more than just markets its about success and Star Power as well. When the teams are in down years (like the 80′s for the Yankees and the 90′s for the sox) they were not on TV nearly as much as they are now.

    When the Big Red Machine was around they got a ton of air time because they had star players and were successful there fore the average fan was intrigued. Same as 90’s Braves and most other star filled teams.