IGD: Padres @ Dodgers (13 Sep 07)

Game #145
time: 7:10 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (12-9, 3.68) vs David Wells (7-8, 5.31)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

From The Scouting Report: 1990 (aff link):

Finding a weakness in Greg Maddux is difficult. Whether he is at home or on the road, on turf or natural grass, during the day or at night, his numbers are all excellent. Though Maddux is not yet 24, he pitches like a 10-year veteran.

Maddux had just come off a 19-win season. His career record stood at 45-38, with a 3.77 ERA

In a crowded Blue Jay bullpen, David Wells hasn’t really had a chance to show his true potential. Certainly Wells has the tools to be a premier reliever…. As long as Wells keeps his weight in check — always a problem for him — he should be around a long time.

Wells had made 113 big-league appearances to this point, all but two in relief. His record: 14-12, with a 3.45 ERA, and 7 saves.

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  1. Thru 3 not-so-good innings …

    Pitches-strikes – G Maddux 49-34; D Wells 36-22.

    Ground balls-fly balls – G Maddux 5-2; D Wells 3-4.

    Batters faced – G Maddux 15; D Wells 10.

    … still plenty of outs in this game … remember what we usually saw happen to Wells in the 5th and 6th innings?

  2. 6 … scoreless thru 3 up at The Diamond …

  3. 50: They measure the percentage of time the runner advances first to third on a single, first to home on a double, moves up on outs, etc. compared to league average. It pretty much tells the whole story, yeah.

  4. 50 … I’ve never heard anyone claim that stats tell a whole story … do you think anecdotes tell a whole story? I don’t think they do either …

  5. 53 … thanks, Ben B … that shot #54 down … unless you want to add a smiley … just to be clear?

  6. 54: Hmm, I guess I just did, so sorry for undermining your point there. They could be off for some people if they happened to have had unusually hard hit balls or unusually soft hit balls on which to advance. But if you’re not looking for ability, but rather net runs created by the actual record of baserunning events, it does tell a pretty complete story.

  7. Christ on a crutch, this team’s inconsistant offense drives me crazy insane. I have to stop watching. Its like they don’t want to play the game. Maddux with 0 support. And we are back to Petco for 9 games where we really can’t help. Phils won, but luckily AZ has an off day. It coud be worse, we could be Cardinal fan, who are on suicide watch.

  8. Yikes, what’s the record for opposite field bloop hits?

  9. Damnit Boomer! i understand you are out to get the Pads, but this is ridiculous.

  10. Boomer now has more hits in the game then the entire SD offense…

  11. What happened on Furcal’s AB … Yahoo’s description leaves me wondering???

  12. It was a successful squeeze. Run scored, Boomer forced at second. He then promptly stole two bags and scored on another Loney RBI hit.

  13. Do we not pull for the Dbacks tomorrow in LA ? LA is our biggest threat now. Forget the West title – all I want is an invitation to the dance and the Pads are probably not going to make up 3 or 4 games with only 18 left to play.

  14. 63: Not a chance. This is humiliating for sure. But I’m glad the Pads are saving all that start incentive $ (To be fair, I was OK with the DFA.)

  15. 64: Ditching Boomer wasn’t a bad move. Our offense is more than anemic right now, that’s not a testament to Boomer.

  16. Re: Baserunning metrics. I don’t thinlk they tell the whole story at this point. I’m not really sure any stat does, although offensive ones probably come closest. Anyway, and I’m kind of guessing here, there is probably a lot of variation from year to year in the base running stats. For one, it’s tough to control for things like exact position of the ball and arm of the outfielders. Also, and possibly more importantly, the sample size in a year is very small. I’m guessing 3+ years of baserunning data would really be need to make real determinations about individual baserunners. On a team level, it probably should be a little more reliable.

    Anyway, all that being said, they are still better than just using your eyes, I think. And they are certainly improving, as well. Always more research to do … baseball analysis never dies ; )

    On a side not, I hate having to watch game on a computer. Half the time it doesn’t work well, and when it does, it’s still annyoing to have to watch it on such a small screen, without being able to use the comp, etc. Grrr..

  17. 65; In hindsight, I’d prefer to have Boomer back, not just because of what he’s doing tonight, but because of our starting pitching situation. Other than Jake and Mad Dog (forgetting tonight), I don’t trust anyone (sorry, but CY still isn’t right). Ch. 4 just said that Tomko would be starting game 2 of the Giants series (against Cain). UGH

  18. 52 … yuck, Garrison cough’d it up in the 5th … now 5-0 San Jose …

  19. Well, got 3 back. let’s go guys, up off the mat.

  20. 51 … now *that* was a familiar 6th inning of work for David Wells!

  21. 68 … Storm get 3 back in bottom of 5th … I’ll betcha GY’s up there!

  22. I’d love to get to Broxton here

  23. In other news Tomko starts on Saturday…

  24. 73 … see 67 … i guess it depends on your definition of “news” …


    3 runs … that’s all I/we ask!!!

  26. Marcus swang for the fences all night…

  27. Anybody else think we coulda/shoulda PH’d for NOG there? Ya, I thought so …

  28. KK’s the tieing run … let’s get to him!

  29. 77: Doesnt really matter now

  30. Bring on the Gigantes

  31. I know we’ll be a game and a half up, but with Tomko to start on Saturday and the way this team has been playing, I don’t have much hope for making the playoffs. Here’s hoping the Dodgers don’t either. In hindsight dropping Wells was the biggest mistake of the year.

  32. 82 … now there’s a decent poll for ya, GY … perhaps for after the season … other candidates:

    – giving NOG so many ABs after May 22nd

    – trading away Cust

    – what else?

    I disagree that dropping Wells was a mistake … at the time, it was a no-brainer …

  33. 83: At the time I was glad they dropped him, but it appears he just needed some rest. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. Even at his worst he was better than Tomko though.

  34. 71 … Storm boyz tie it up … 6-6 in 8th …

  35. 84: Maybe Tomko will benefit from Petco. I like this Giants series, CY at Petco, then Jake to finish it off.

  36. #71: Yessir, I was. One of the most exciting games I’ve seen all year. Garrison had nothing, but after he left, the bullpen held the Giants in check until Mike Baxter could bust out and carry the team on his back.