IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (5 Sep 07)

Game #139
time: 6:40 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Jake Peavy (16-5, 2.10) vs Livan Hernandez (9-9, 4.67)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

I’ve just picked up the new Jason Falkner CD, I’m OK You’re OK (aff link), and as usual, listening to Falkner is a very humbling experience. Way too much talent for one person.

Speaking of which, Jake Peavy gets the call on three days rest in the finale at Arizona Wednesday night. Peavy lobbied to have his turn pushed up a day, giving us all a good excuse to wring our hands over potential bad outcomes. Here’s hoping our worries will have been over nothing…

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  1. That really was a nice catch by Salazar. Kouz looked at him in disbelief.

  2. San Antonio Missions won game #1 of their playoff series against Frisco (Rangers). Geer had a quality start and Headley hit a blast.

  3. That was high and away. Should have been ball four.

  4. 53: Two pretty bad calls that AB.

  5. Ball four was the same exact pitch as the previously called strike! WTF?

  6. Can we at least do something with this RISP?

  7. #56: I guess not.

  8. Terrible AB by Bradley. Asbolutely terrible. Horrible swing by Cameron on the 3-2 pitch. We should have at least gotten one run back there. Instead we come away with nothing.

  9. Just got in, was dreading the score and had my fears confirmed.

    Because of Jake’s hubris, not only are the Padres going to be a game out of first, but Peavy probably cost himself the CY award. This is where a manager – especially one who was once a pitcher – is supposed to step in and say, “nope, sorry. You’ve pitched on 4 days rest all season – you’re not going to pitch on 3 days rest in September.”

    Jesus, Anybody could have seen this coming. If the Padres miss a playoff spot by a game, then Black should go. It’s that simple. You don’t fuck around in a game this important, with your most important pitcher.

  10. 59 – I still go on the theory that this was a trial for the playoffs – they (and Jake) now know that Jake CAN’T pitch effectively on 3 days rest so won’t be tempted to do it in the playoffs.

    Of course, that won’t stop Morgan et al from postulating about it ad nauseum.

    Yes, that assumes we make the post season, but I think we have a pretty good shot at this point and a single game shouldn’t make a difference.

    If it does, then I’m sure Black didn’t make the decision on his own. KT & SA would have had some input…

  11. #60: I’m going to have to agree with you on that assesment.

  12. #60
    Agreed – I was mostly just venting after coming home and dreading this score – and having that dread confirmed. Obviously there are other moments that have been awful this season – the homer to S. Drew with 2 outs in the 9th after Jake struck out 16 in 7 innings, the blown save vs. the Mets, etc. But this one was an obvious bad idea.

  13. And, on at least a decent note, Philly, LA and Colorado all lost tonight. So that’s something. I just hate rooting for other teams to lose. It seems so unseemly.

  14. The Pads are still 3 games up on the WC, and only a game out of first if the score holds.

  15. I took the complaints about negative posters last month too personally, so have resolved to look at things more optimistically. :)

    Of course, the fact that I will now have to listen to my wife gloat about the DBacks being in first place makes me depressed….

  16. Does anyone know our record vs umpires?

  17. Rally cap time – three runs an inning is all I ask…

  18. #66: Against Joe West and Phil Cuzzi, not very good.

  19. Looks like we are going to have to do a job on Colorado and LA.

  20. Whoa! OK, rally cap on!

  21. That’s it. Good night folks.

  22. Too bad. At least starting Jake on three days rest allowed us to skip the fifth spot in the rotation, so everyone starting in Coors gives us a good chance to win. Germano-Dessens, Maddux-Francis (please don’t start Blum against the lefty, Black), and Young-Fogg. And then Jake gets the first game against the Dodgers on five days rest.

  23. Worst loss of a year (passing the recent blown Mets game ) – looks like a desperation move good bad. I’m still mad they didn’t completely blow that old scrub out of the water. Five runs in five innings is the best they could do?

  24. 59: What you said is factually incorrect and silly on about 10 levels. I won’t detail them.

    The No. 1 reason the Peavy moved can’t be questioned too much is because the alternatives were no good. The team has no No. 5 starter right now. Yes, Peavy pitched poorly tonight, but whoever would have pitched instead may have done the same or worse.

  25. 59: He lost the Cy Young from one start on short rest? Really? Who is going to win it now?

  26. 3: Do you understand the worries now? Mislabeling them as titty-whinning doesn’t change the facts.

  27. Obviously every one now thinks starting Peavy on short rest was a bad idea … well … that’s not how I see it … I think it was a good decision with bad results … Peavy looked strong in recent starts … he did well in one previous short rest start … the alternatives were bad … as far as I know, Black and Balsley and all other people with input into the decision were thumbs-up, and they made the decision based on more information than we have … I was OK with the decision …

    One thing I learned (or was reminded) is that it can’t matter that Jake says he “feels good” … that’s not a predictor of “good results” …

  28. 77: Going on short rest against the 2004 Diamondbacks, who finished 51-111 (seriously, 111 losses that year) is different than going on short rest against a good team.

    We were in first place. We have the better team. I saw no reason to panic before last night. If Cassell was good enough to start against the Dodgers last week, how can he be a bad option against the Diamondbacks? Not an optimal option, but the falloff from Peavy to anybody else is steep.

    The real problem with the decision is that it was made without foresight. Was nobody in the front office looking at the schedule until after Saturday’s game was over? Jake could have been pulled after the 5th inning Saturday.

  29. 78 … if “nobody in the front office looking at the schedule until after Saturday’s game was over”, then that indeed is a “real problem” … I don’t think that was the case … just appears that way based on the limited information we have …

    One other related note was I heard/read somewhere that now Jake is on schedule to pitch the final game of the season, if necessary … which means that if it’s not necessary and the Padres have a playoff spot clinched, then he’s on schedule for Game 1 of the NLDS … which seems like a good thing …

  30. 79: If they let him throw 25-30 pitches more than needed on Saturday and were thinking of having him go yesterday, then the vaunted Padre brain trust needs a tune-up.

  31. 80 … well said … you’ve framed a lose-lose proposition … either they hadn’t forethought about the schedule and the possibility of going with Jake on 3-days rest … or they let Jake go too long on Saturday in the face of a short-rest-start possibility. Let’s see if we see any quotes in the next coupla days which provide further insight into this … either way, a tune-up is never a bad idea … do you have a suggestion for how one might go about doing such a tune-up? I might/could use one myself …