IGD: Padres @ Brewers (30 Sep 07)

Game #162
time: 11:05 a.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Brett Tomko (4-11, 5.39) vs Jeff Suppan (11-12, 4.57)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

Q: Brett Tomko or Jake Peavy in the finale?

A: As long as the Padres win, nobody will care.

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  1. Did it looke like Drew was safe to anyone else?

  2. 195: Padres would had done the same thing

  3. Anyone know what time the game would start tomorrow? Hopefully not too early…a) want to watch it; b) who knows when the Pads can get in to Denver? Would they have already booked the charter and filed the flight plan anyway just in case?

  4. 4:37 PST start time for the game tomorrow. Let’s go Peavy.

  5. 203: They are a baseball team I doubt they would have much trouble getting there at a reasonable time especially with a fairly early game today. Luckily its a short flight to denver and the game its a a reasonable time at about 4:30 PST.

    You gotta feel good about the game though. Best pitcher in baseball throwing for us. Best road pitcher and he has pitched well against the Rox all year.

  6. Gi’nts beat the Dogs to close out the 162-game schedule … always nice to see the Dogs down … BUT … the regular season is not yet done … All Systems are Go for Padres @ Rox … be there!

  7. Does anyone know how in the world TBS got ALDS/NLDS and NLCS broadcasting rights? How can you leverage broadcasting a major sporting event without HD service? TBS isnt exactly a household network either, this really makes no sense to me.

    Tomorrows game will be on TBS aswell…

  8. 207: I heard Cox was going to have TBS HD ready to go for the playoffs ahead of the station’s official debut in November. Where did I hear this? I want to say Darren Smith on 1090 on Friday.

  9. 208: Supposedly thier official debut was Sept 1st, but only a few areas carry TBS in HD. TBS should had done thier part and introduced the station in May or June when they signed thier contract with MLB, if it wasnt in the plans Turner should just broadcast the games on TNT like they do with all thier other sports programming.

  10. That was the big scoop, that Cox agreed to carry the HD station, and in time for the playoffs. Gonna go doublecheckin now.

    As for Pads, if they can’t win one of three games to get in, they don’t deserve it. Anyway, that’s how I’ve set up my soft landing.

  11. From Posner’s column Friday: Cox Cable is adding TBS HD to its lineup (Ch. 733) beginning Wednesday, but Time Warner Cable isn’t sure it will be able to make the addition by that day. It’s possible, though, according to a spokesman, which is an improvement from a couple of weeks ago.

    That doesn’t help us Cox subscribers for tomorrow if the game isn’t on 4/704

  12. That doesnt help us Cox subscribers in OC either…

  13. Non HD = Sad Zagz

  14. Here’s an interesting Q&A from a BP chat today …

    Ben (San Diego): Any chance Peavy gets some MVP consideration if he goes out and pitches well against the Rockies tomorrow? I mean, he’s surely a better choice than Rollins.

    Nate Silver: I’ve been talking Jake Peavy up as an MVP candidate for a couple of weeks now, and I agree that if he goes into Coors Field tomorrow and shuts down the Rockies … especially because it would be win #20 … that’s a very unique opportunity for a pitcher to get the national spotlight in a game that still counts toward awards balloting. I don’t think Peavy would be the favorite to win the award if that happened but it would move into the realm of the possible.

  15. Also per NS @ BP …

    Peavy is 3-3 with a 3.96 ERA over his career at Coors Field.

  16. Crap, just returned home and although we are in post season, we are facing a hot team that KILLS us. Probably Francis pitching too, he of the 17 game winner club. Jake can hold em I hope, but if our offense goes into its customery funk, our chances are nil. The theme of this team all season: Always the hard way, always.

  17. Francis pitched the 28th, so i doubt he would pitch tomorrow. Most places are saying Fogg is pitching.

  18. Not looking past the Rockies, but IF we are able to do what we SHOULD be able to do tomorrow, would we go with a three man rotation? Maddux on Wednesday, Young on Thursday and Peavy on Saturday would be on schedule. Do we go back to Maddux for game 4? and Young for 5? Do we dare put Tomko out there for a game 4? I’d go with the three, and go to the BP earlier, which seems to be a playoff tendancy anyway.

  19. I’m gonna look ahead … the NLDS games are going to be Wed + Thu + Sat + Sun + Tue … so the Padres will be all set for their best 3 to go games 1 (Maddux), 2 (Young) & 3 (Peavy) all on 4 days rest … cool … but there’s no way getting around needing Cassel to pitch game 4 on Sunday … I can’t believe it’d be an option to go to Maddux on 3 days rest … but then a game 5 starter would be Maddux on 5 days rest …

    Assuming we win game 5 (hey, I *like* that assumption) … then we start the NLCS with Peavy on Thu with 4 days rest … Young on Friday with 6 days … Maddux on Sunday with 4 days … then have to go to Cassel on Monday … but will have Jake for game 5 on Wed (5 days rest) and Young for game 6 on Friday and Maddux for game 7 on Saturday …

    There is the option to go to Jake on 3 days rest for game 4 … and then he’s available again on normal rest for game 7 … depending on how Jack does in game 4 of the NLDS, that’ll be an interesting decision …

    Eh, just lookin’ …

  20. 218 … Tomko’s not on the post-season roster … we signed him after the post-season-roster-setting deadline (9/1) … so I think Jack is our #4 …

  21. 218: Tomko can’t be on the postseason roster, so need to worry about him getting a start.

  22. 220 & 221…Sorry, knew that. BAD sports weekend!!! El Cap football, SDSU football, Chargers and Pads x 2, all L’s. Maybe there is something to this limping into the playoffs.

  23. Let’s not look past the Rockies, they’re arguably the best team in the NL at this point. Everything is coming together at the right time for them, and while I like the Padres’ changes in Peavy v. Fogg, that Rockies lineup is scary. Let’s not worry too much about the Phillies, because the Padres are not a sure thing to face them at all, even with Peavy on the mound.

  24. 219: You have to think Germano gets the start over Cassel

  25. Tomorrow’s one-game playoff counts in the stats as a regular season game and Peavy has a shot at win #20. A victory would be icing on the cake for a Cy Young season.

  26. 225: Yes, that’s the reason they lost. The team wanted Jake to get his first 20-win season and this was the only way to do it.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.