IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (29 Aug 07)

Game #132
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Greg Maddux (10-9, 3.90) vs Micah Owings (6-7, 4.69)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

Greg Maddux hasn’t issued a walk all month. He’s issued just three over 210 plate appearances since the All-Star break. Two of those came in the same game.

Maddux has walked zero or one batters in 22 of his 27 starts this year. In 1997, he did that in 28 of 32 starts. Maddux is averaging 1.17 walks per nine innings, best in baseball, and he’s already walked more batters than he did in 71 more innings in ’97.

It’s sick, is what it is. So is the fact that Micah Owings has outhomered ex-Padre Josh Barfield this season…

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  1. 99: With Everett and Tulowitzki in the NL, that’ll be tough.

  2. 99 – agreed. NL is fairly deep at shortstop, however, and Reyes in NYC will get all the hype.

  3. Wild Card? We don’t need no steenking Wild Card!

  4. 98: He did, no consistency either.

  5. 101: Everett is hur this year, and Tulo doesn’t have quite the range Khalil does (as far as I know).

  6. Awesome win. Tomorrow night will be nuts, with CY coming back and the boys going for the sweep. Sweet!

  7. First place (by percentage points)!

  8. A big broom needed for tomorrow night!!

  9. 1st place…………

  10. Virtual tie for 1st!!! If my math is correct, we are actually precentage points ahead of the DBacks now, tied with the Mets for the best record in the league!

  11. re 89: It’s actually a lot better. Rancho Bernardo has had a lot of minor league players but just two majors leaguers, Hank Blalock and Cole Hamels. My high school, USDHS, has more (Prior, Quentin and Zito).

  12. 109: Oh how sweet this is. What a fantastic series of clutch baseball so far. Shut ‘em down under CY tomorrow!

  13. Schlom, Uni grad here too, class of ’93.

  14. Bruce, I’m 1990 myself.

  15. If you guys start singing Kumbaya I’ll throw up.

  16. Put a light bulb in Grant’s mouth and he reminds me of Uncle Fester.

  17. Hey, it’s not like we went to Torrey Pines or anything like that…..

  18. 117: Exactly.

  19. #117/118: OK, OK. But just don’t start singing school fight songs, please.

  20. Just kidding around. I’m out. See ya tomorrow for the sweep.

  21. Not to steal Lynch’s thunder, or Peter’s for that matter, but a nice night for Matt Latos! 10Ks in 5 innings.


  22. This little run is sure sweet. I wish the other teams we cared about were having a bit tougher time

    Dogs, sweep lowly Nats
    Phils 3 in a row from NY
    Atlanta 2 of 3 from Florida
    Only SF helping by slowing down the Rockies

    Let’s keep it going. Davis, normally I would be happy, but he has been shutting people down in the second half. Our current line up favors hitting lefties, KK, Greene, Cam, Bard all with much stronger splits against lefties: 923, 855, 993, 1007 (OPS vs. LH). Give up a little with AGon and Giles, but not too much. Then Blum cannot hit lefties, but perhaps a start for Stansberry, if he can play 2B.