IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (2 Aug 07)

Game #107
time: 12:35 p.m. PT
tv: none

Go Padres!

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  1. WTF is Marcus’s problem? Take a tip or 2 from your brother and look at an F-ING pitch or 2. Why be so stubborn about your approach if it’s getting you headed towards be DFA’d? Somebody needs to punch that guy in the ear and make his ass try something new!

  2. 145 – affirmed on Bandito. Can Ensberg play 2B?

  3. Good job by Black to get the fragile important guys out of there.

  4. I think Nevin should be hired as the new hitting coach.

  5. Competition at third will hopefully keep both Kouz and Ensberg sharp

  6. 152.

    He’s not going to play 2nd

  7. 152: I dont think so. He has started every game at 3B, and 1 at SS. i think Mackowiak would be a good call at 2B, he is supposively a better IF than OF.

  8. 154: Heck, since he’s better than Ensberg, we better sign him right now and get him playing every day.

  9. 158: Oh man Nevin you crap me up. He said he would do better in his shorts and flip-flops

  10. Blum in LF?

  11. 158.

    Yeah really! Because Phil is better than Ensberg… Just ask him and he’ll tell you about it. That guy is a freaking a-hole to the max!!!

  12. Defense aside, and opinions aside, Blum is the hot bat right now. He has got to be put in the line up over Marcus.

  13. 162.

    Unfortunantly I agree.

  14. Gonzo has a HR and 3 BB today, thats a good OPS line haha

  15. explain how hairston is/was better than Cruz at his time of release.

    this kid doesnt even have a hit as a padre yet does he?

    strikeout machine so far!

  16. and i do realize hes way younger

  17. I guess they saw that Cruz was slumping BAD and Hairston had more upside and he can play CF, Cruz really cant.

  18. 161.

    i dunno, hes pretty opinionated but he was pretty nice to me when i met him.

  19. i suppose thats true about cruz. i liked him anyways.

    does anyone know if Hairston is out of minor league options or not?
    (not that we have anyone better down in the farm right now)

  20. 165: We can’t judge him based on how terrible he has been in his few Padre at bats. Judge him based on how terrible he has been all season. He probably has more upside than Cruz does, seeing how he is much younger and has destroyed triple A in the past. He can also play second, unlike Cruz.

  21. 169.

    I heard someone on the radio say yesterday say that he is out of options and we can’t send him down without dfa-ing him.

  22. 171- yeah i figured as much.

  23. good game overall nice to see us hit the ball.

    equally as nice to see the bullpen hold up!

    nice inning for ledezma

  24. I noticed in the poll there is now one “love it” vote for the Padres deadline transactions. I didn’t see it there before Ensberg homered twice, Ledezma pitched a scoreless inning, and Mackowiak scored twice and stole a base today.

    Great work by Jake to be the stopper, just like last week in Houston.

  25. 174.

    Maybe GY can give you some info on who that might have been. haha

  26. Have to really be encouraged by today. Yes, Jake was masterful and that in its own right is encouraging, but moreover, today was a day that several members of our bench got a chance to contribute – and contribute they did! For the first game with our new and improved bench, I’m pretty stoked by this performance.

  27. Hairston ripped up the minors and hasn’t gotten a real chance in the majors. Although I’m not saying the Padres have to give him that chance.

    Peavy won his 1th and lowered his ERA to 2.30, second in the league and second on his team.

    He leads the league with 154 strikeouts, 11 more than Cole Hamels. He is 32 strikeouts behind Andy Benes for the team record.

    Also, today was Wally Joyner’s first day at hitting coach. The Padres scored 11 runs.

    Greene hit his 17th home run of the season. He is on pace for 26. But with a .435 slugging. However, that’s not too bad for a Gold Glove level shorstop. Phil Nevin (2004) holds the record for homers in a Petco Park season with 26.

    And Goose Gossage, who should be in the Hall of Fame, threw out the first pitch.

  28. Gee, catcher doesn’t matter. I mean, with Bard, Peavy has a .646 OPS against. In four games with Barrett, .808 OPS against.

    Before trade: Pads in first, Cubs in third

    Since trade: Pads in third, Cubs in first

    KRS1, don’t mistake this for trolling… because it’s not. You guys would be well served to get the CATCHer who cannot catch the hell away from your pitchers.

  29. 177: Thanks for the recap, Kevin. Just found out the day game is won. Hooray! Greene should never hit higher than 6th and only occasionally at that spot. Great to see Jake be a stopper and Mo Ensberg to do so well.

    Good win, especially after the comeback in the 9th yesterday.

    NOG needs to really get some counselling. He’s insane.

  30. Re: 177

    Also, today was Wally Joyner’s first day at hitting coach. The Padres scored 11 runs.

    So his first game is only 7 runs worse then Merv’s last… :)

  31. Yes, but Joyner is averaging 11.0. What did Merv average? ;)

  32. Touche! :)

    Though, my guess is it’s all down hill from here.

  33. 178: Yeah, you can make any argument with that line of rationale.
    I guess the Cubs decided to start hitting and scoring runs and actually pitching after Barrett is gone and Lou went ballistic.
    Whatever works for you, dude. Oh, right, the Diamondbacks didn’t go 13-7 (9-1 to close out July) after the All Star Break, right? Wait, they did.

    But, hold on, Barrett was catching when Bell lost the game last night.
    Hmmm…..it’s his fault.

  34. 151.RE NOG: Balls in play 1st pitch .375, 2nd pitch .338 thereafter .158. 0-1 he hits .207 1-0 he hits .192 after 3 BALLS he hits .100. He probably knows or feels these splits. What are you suggesting as coach? He has a real problem as the count gets deep. BTW, back in June the Agonistes chart showed his fish score only slightly higher than average.

  35. I am not saying i agee with Bad News Cubs, but it might be a little more than coincidental that in games when Barrett starts we are 6-16 and games when Bard starts we are 10-5…

  36. 185: It’s a little more than coincidental in that Barrett has sucked hitting and Bard has been a little better, but only to that extent.

    184: Sure, if he can get that first ball in play he’s doing well, but he really frequently is swinging at those pitches and missing them or fouling them off, so swinging early in the count isn’t helping him much.

  37. 186: I dont know, I think they should start giving Bard the majority of the starts, he gives you good at bats and it seems like the pitchers like throwing to him more. Barrett hasnt done anything since he was aquired that earns him the majority of the starts.

  38. Good news for Badnews, I just got off the phone with KT, Barrett is history.

  39. I think if we beat Cain tomorrow night – despite his struggles this year – then we might build some momentum. That guy has really killed us in the past….

  40. Really, he is being released?

  41. 190: Just off my fantasy team, he’s really hurting my pitching staff.

  42. Great. Thanks for the false alarm or false good news.

  43. 191. You’ll not be called up to SD for a while.

  44. 186. Not that I’m suggesting that NOG’s problem is NOT swinging earlier in the count, but for general knowledge is there some reference that shows % of balls in play by pitch count?

  45. No, I don’t know where to check for that. It would be useful to see what percent of the time he’s swinging at the first pitch, what percent of the time it gets put in play, what percent of the time it’s fouled off, and what percent of the time he misses.

    I’m not really saying that swinging earlier in the count is NOG’s problem, just that those batting average numbers don’t necessarily mean NOG is hitting well when he swings at the first pitch.

    Matt Antonelli homered again today.

  46. 184, 195: Don’t quite know how to find the numbers yet but Wally should tell him to lay off those first two pitches to start.

    This year (I don’t know what the in-game situation was), NOG has:
    - drew 9 BB in 9 PA when he got to 3-0,
    - OPS 1.082 with 12 BB in 22 PA at 3-1.
    These are small sample sizes but this also show how rarely does he get to those count.
    However, just going through his other count situation quickly, he’s not very successful in the first three pitches situation either. Perhaps, NOG is just not very good.

    His numbers by month:

    April 98 32 8 13 .376 .459 .835
    May 100 22 12 20 .316 .310 .626
    June 101 21 11 22 .286 .277 .563
    July 63 9 4 14 .194 .190 .384

  47. 197. Agreed as to your last point. The trend is down this year and for his career. Still not conviced about taking 2 pitches. His #’s after 0-2,1-1,&2-0(only 12x) are terrible. There is virtually no relationship in his P/PA to RC/G over his career. 2007 is the lowest for both ,but the next lowest P/PA ws 2004, his best RC year.