IGD: Padres vs Phillies (20 Jul 07)

Game #95
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Justin Germano (6-3, 3.55) vs Adam Eaton (8-6, 5.98)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

Adam Eaton returns to San Diego for his first start against the old uniform. Once a perpetual breakout candidate, Eaton has enjoyed very little success since leaving the Padres in January 2006. Admittedly, he has called two bandboxes home, but even beyond the gopheritis he’s developed, his walks are up and his strikeouts are down — always a dangerous combination. Fortunately for Eaton, he’s got better than $16 million guaranteed coming his way over the next two years.

Back on the field, left-handed batters are completely terrorizing Eaton in ’07, to the tune of .314/.412/.595. That’s Jeff Weaveresque and a line that is begging Bud Black to put Russell Branyan in the lineup.

On the other side, Justin Germano faces his former team as well. He never got into a game for the Phillies, and with the success he’s enjoyed as a waiver claim for the Padres, one wonders why. Philadelphia’s team ERA is hovering around 5.00, so it’s not like they can afford to throw away useful big-league pitchers.

In the Phillies’ defense, Germano hadn’t been a useful big-league pitcher prior to this season. Still, he’s probably better than Eaton and a heckuva lot cheaper. Oh well. Go Padres!

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  1. Mets and Dogs tied up in the 6th.

  2. Nice catch by Cammy

  3. It’s the Kryptonite I’m tellin’ ya. Dude carries it in his nut cup.

  4. Utley doesn’t need Kryptonite to conquer Doug Brocail. He could have used it last night against CY, and he’s going to need it Sunday against Jake, but Doug Brocail is hardly Superman.

  5. This team’s pitching is built around not walking people and not giving up home runs. So, stop walking people and stop giving up home runs. Mainly, stop walking people, because the pitchers have full and complete control over that.

  6. I’m really getting tired of seeing Uncle Fester at the Valley View Buffet. Sorry, I digress.

  7. #54: That’s the second time tonight he’s done that to us.

  8. OK, well that really did suck.

  9. We all have bad days at the office. I think this is one of the Padres bad days. No damage done. Let’s hope the Dogs lose tonight.

  10. How is it that we can get the bases loaded, but struggle to get the RBIs? Is it a mental block? What is so different about hitting a double with no one on as opposed to hitting a double with the bases loaded?

  11. Good news: Dogs are down 4-1 in the 8th.

  12. Dogs lost. We’re still tied.

  13. #42: Of course! 8)

    #59: Yep. No loss is a good loss, but at least we didn’t lose any ground. Better luck tomorrow…

  14. As highlighted in 19, 20, 33 and 35, that bottom of the third was the killer; 2nd and 3rd, no outs, Eaton throws 8 straight balls (as in none were strikes) but Cameron and Greene turn them into 2 outs. That is sloppy; I get frustrated at the players, but more frustrated with Merv. There seems to be a “it’s OK to be aggressive” approach, and we paid for it then.

    If you ranked all the 3-0 swings in baseball this season, that one had to be close to the bottom.

    Team LOB – 15; cumulative player LOB – 28. I would have to scan the history to find a 9 inning game were we had 19 base runners and scored three runs. And we had 3 XBH. Staggering.

    My second major frustration was the use of Brocail. He’s been OK, he gives up the bomb, but why is out a second inning? To preserve Cameron and Hampson arms? I don’t get it. Then he gives up a lead off walk, but still no removal. That was just a run, but given how close we were to getting to be 5 or 6 runs, that could have been the difference.

  15. It is a game of inches, because if Greene snags that flair, Utley was running on the pitch and would have been doubled off. Rally would have been killed. Greene catches that ball, Cameron takes on the 3-0, we probably win. Oh well.

  16. 64: Isnt Hampson in Portland…?

    65: Agreed. 2 out of 3 times Khalil nabs that flair, i would had rather it fall in no mans land than hit his glove though.

    At least the Doyers lost.

  17. I guess the Pads were a bit lucky to get what they got out of Branyan the last two months last year. He is back to his old self, batting below the Mendoza line and striking out once every two to three at bats.