IGD: Padres vs Braves (7 Jul 07)

Game #86
time: 12:55 p.m. PT
tv: FOX
sp: David Wells (4-5, 4.16) vs Jo-Jo Reyes (0-0, –)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com

Day game for the Padres. You know, so the big network can broadcast their game against the Braves, help those guys get a little national exposure…

David Wells looks to continue his success at home (.260/.305/.357, 2.56 ERA in eight starts), while Jo-Jo Reyes makes his big-league debut for Atlanta. Go Padres!

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  1. That’s enough Brocail for me! Pinch hit time…

  2. Nice job working out of that jam, Brocail.

    Let’s not press our luck and stretch him another inning though, mmkay?

  3. 51: I hope we get to pinch hit for him this inning! That would mean we made it through almost the entire lineup.

  4. 51: Sounds good to me. Of course, it would require batting around this inning, but hey, who said getting Brocail out of this game would be easy.

  5. Welcome to Petco, Bradley. You’re gonna have to hit it harder than that, I’m afraid.

  6. The Braves just did us a huge favor by turning in that Padres-esque inning there. 3 outs on 4 pitches, bailing out Brocail.

  7. Brocail turned into the WormBurner 3000. Every single out came via ground ball (except of his strikeout, obviously).

  8. Okay, never mind. Brocail with a very nice, quick inning there.

    Now let’s get some more runs on the board and get to Brocail’s spot in the lineup.

  9. It will be very difficult to not get to Brocail’s spot in the lineup this inning, fortunately. He’s up third.

  10. Haha, didn’t realize that the pitcher’s spot was up 3rd. Even the worst Padres offense couldn’t prevent the 3rd batter from getting an AB.

  11. any word yet on who the all-star game starter is for the NL? watching the Angels/Yanks game (getting screwed like everyone else) and it seems that Lackey is the AL Starter…

  12. What’s up with the ump all of a sudden expanding the strike zone for a guy that threw four straight balls?

  13. 61: Wow, Haren got screwed. He’s been easily the best pitcher in the league this year. Lackey’s been the 11th best in the AL, by VORP. Oh well, at least it’s not Josh Beckett (16th in the AL by VORP, but with a pretty 12 wins).

  14. 63: You know, I might be wrong. I’m wasn’t paying close attention to the TV. You’re right, Lackey would make no sense over Harren or Beckett….

  15. Wow Gameday had that second pitch of Bell’s that was called a ball right down the middle. Too high?

  16. 65: Looked good to me. A little bit below the belt.


  17. Well, you can’t keep giving Andruw Jones chances with 2 runners on…. still, Gameday shows that that pitch was way off the plate…

  18. The Braves have scored 4 runs today on shots that were pitches well out of the zone. Francouer’s HR was at his shoes and Andruw swings at a slider a little up but well outside.

  19. It was outside, Andruw more or less flailed like the previous pitch, but this one was up a bit, he’s a big strong hitter and Petco has a real big outfield.

  20. ADRIAN!!!!! that looks like the Adrian we all know and love.

  21. Yup, Bud was right. A night off certainly did NO good for Adrian. 3 times on base? Worthless.

  22. We REALLY need to get the score in NOW.

  23. Come on Jenga!

  24. How about connecting for 3, Connect 4?

  25. Let’s go Jenga.. clap… clap. clap clap clap
    Let’s go Jenga.. clap….clap. clap clap clap.

  26. Bradley connected four balls to draw the walk. We’ll take it.

  27. Okay KG – prove me wrong. Be Clutch!

  28. I just saw the replay of Bradley’s catch earlier where it was bobbled between him and Cameron…that’s pretty impressive. I like what i’m seeing from him already.

  29. Bases full of Padres for Greene – let’s hope Cox chooses the wrong arm from the ‘pen.

    And let’s hope the Friar isn’t standing behind home plate when Fox gets back from commercial.

  30. Boot up that base hit program Khalilbot!

  31. Thank you for that bad defense. That was the well placed ground ball we needed.

  32. Suh-weet! Gotta love gifts from the defense.

  33. Okay, not the best hitting, but we’ll take it.

  34. Wow. We’ll take it. Was it at least hit hard?

  35. 85. No, if if were hit any harder it would have been a sure DP.

  36. Where was the force attempted?

  37. 85: no, it was a weak grounder to second off of a breaking pitch that he hung with. If he had hit it harder it may have been a double play but since it was so weak that allowed bradley to get to 2nd.

  38. 87: Second baseman awkwardly flipped to shortstop and pulled him away from the bag.

  39. Koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  40. KOUZ!!!!!! Man he seems to hit well with the bases loaded.

  41. Kooouuuuzzzzzzzzzzz



  44. That was a great AB by Kouz after fouling the previous pitch off his foot.

  45. I am convinced that Cruz should not bat from the left hand side of the plate any more this season. He looks terrible.

  46. And then there’s Cruz to strike out off the bench. Oh well, the lead is ours again!

  47. I don’t remember Scotty using his changeup that much the last few years. From what i’ve seen of it lately it looks pretty darn good. Maybe Trevor has been teaching him.

  48. Judging from Gameday, this umpire has been pretty terrible for both teams.