IGD: Padres @ Braves (7 May 07)

first pitch: 4:05 p.m. PT
television: Channel 4SD
matchup: Chris Young (3-2, 3.34 ERA) vs Chuck James (3-2, 4.83 ERA)
preview: Padres.com | SI.com

If you dig deep enough, you can almost always find a statistical split that casts your favorite team/player into a more positive light. Here’s a fun one for the Padres so far this season:

Padres and Opponents Batting from Seventh Inning Onward, through May 6, 2007
Stats courtesy of ESPN.
Padres 393 .247 .319 .412
Opponents 383 .198 .274 .279

Just another way of looking at something we’ve already seen. Still, it’s always nice to have the view confirmed from multiple angles, especially when it looks so freakin’ good…

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  1. 45: yeah, that’s funny. the Atlanta guys had a great angle for it, but they definiltey called a spade a spade.

  2. 51: Kind of refreshing to see an announce team aknowledge their own luck.

  3. #48, 50: Thanks, guys; I’ll have to go back and look for that when I review the game. Didn’t even seem all that close from what I saw.

  4. 53: McCann just never touched the bag.

    At least we got out of that. A bad call and two bad plays doomed us that inning.

  5. Whoa, that was clearly retailiation

  6. You could see that HBP coming from a mile away.

  7. okay, that’s fucked up. guaranteed we hit a brave next inning.

  8. OK, Paronto gets one in the ear next. Even if he’s just sitting in the dugout.

  9. That was B.S.

  10. Good response; let’s score some runs here.

  11. Completely unnecessary to hit CY. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to throw at either of those guys (especially since he was ahead on both of those guys(

  12. We’ve got Maddux and Wells going the next two days…neither one of them will be afraid to retaliate…

  13. That’s really messed up. CY didn’t mean to hit the guy before.


  14. I sense a brawl coming. Not happy about it – we’re leading and can’t afford to lose anyone.

  15. They just gave us a baserunner when Young likely would have ended the inning.

  16. OMG, you can read Buddy’s lips-too funny.

  17. Right at his knee too, that could have been a serious injury. First guy up next inning has to go down.

  18. Seriously, that’s a cheap shit move. I hope this comes back to bite them in the ass.

  19. Make ‘em pay, Jose!

  20. You just know that Maddux or Wells will drill someone if we haven’t gotten them back by then..

  21. 70: I sincerely hope so. I’d really like to get about 2 right here though, just to show them to how dumb hitting CY was.

  22. Heh. Paronto feels pretty smart now, eh?

  23. That serves ‘em right.

  24. Man, Buddy still looks like he’s ready to fight someone

  25. Now that is a fun run to score.

  26. HA! That’s right, jackass!

  27. NOW we’re even. Take that dickheads.

  28. Hitting the pitcher with two outs was a brilliant idea wasn’t it, tough guy.

  29. We should still plunk one of their guys though.

  30. I still think at some point..maybe not tonight…but sometime soon…someone from the Braves is gonna get drilled…

  31. I love it. When they first hit CY the Braves announcers were all, “Yeah, now we’re even.”

    And then it got to, “Maybe that was a mistake…”

  32. Damn, more runs would have been nice. We’ve been letting them off the hook all night.

  33. If that had been Wells, with his temper I think we would have seen a fight.

  34. 82: That’s true. We’re not getting much production out of the first 5 guys tonite (save Adrian’s HR).

  35. #80: Agreed. Game is too close right now, though. I like that we’re getting deep into their bullpen in the first of a four-game series.

  36. 85: Take second base, Mr. Harris. Go ahead, we won’t even try to stop you.

  37. okay, so funny story: My junior year we were playing at the Citadel and their #4 hitter was a big, lanky jackass that was going for some sort of single season doubles record and pulled up at 2nd on a clear triple. So, next time he was up, our catch gave the ‘plunk him’ sign (the down thumb) and of course, we all knew it was going to happen so we were ready for some shit to hit the fan. So, our pitcher – a crafty lefty – reared back, hurled it in there – only it was right down the middle and the guy crushed it over the left field fence….

  38. Nice to see the Braves unable to move the runner.

  39. Yikes, CY got away with one there. Let’s turn this thing over to the bullpen..

  40. Living well is the best revenge.

    How great would it have been if CY had charged the mound when he was hit? He seems so mild mannered, he’s probably never punched anyone.

  41. 90: seems like that, but I have to imagine that he dealt with a fair share of cheap shots playing basketball all his life… I’m betting he can hold his own…

  42. Bard has had some great ABs recently. He;s working the count well.

  43. Ugh. Khalil still struggling at the dish.

  44. I like how Khalil Greene sort of jogged to first on the double play ball he hit.


  46. 94: He was really stunned when the bat exploded in his hand. By his reaction, I was worried he might have hurt himself.

    The look on this face when the bat shattered was like, “Oh, my. What have we here.” And then he realized the ball was in play.

  47. COME ON KOUZY! !!

  48. That’s two in a row for KG

  49. Two in a row that he made look fairly easy.

  50. Too bad we didn’t double switch Branyan in so Bell could go two. The guy threw 8 pitches this inning, but now he’s done.