Playoff IGD: Mets @ Cardinals (17 Oct 06)

first pitch: 5:19 p.m., PT
television: FOX
matchup: Tom Glavine (15-7, 3.82 ERA) vs Jeff Weaver (8-14, 5.76 ERA)
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Halloween is just two weeks away. When will Jeff Weaver turn into a pumpkin?

Monday night’s game was postponed; they’ll try again Tuesday.

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  1. No game tonight.

  2. Ken Macha was fired as the manager of the Oakland A’s. It’s a bizarre twist considering all the love Macha was getting from the announcers and writers this year, and because Beane believes the playoffs are a crapshoot and Macha guided the team to the playoffs.

  3. re: Macha … and will $2mil left on a contract???

    I’ll start a rumor for his replacement … Von Hayes … who’s had back-to-back seasons of Manager of the Year at A-ball (2005) and AA-ball (2006) in the A’s organization … just a thought … if it happens, you heard it here first :-)

  4. Anyone watch the Cardinals/Bears game? The playcalling by Arizona in the second half was insanely bad. I have not the words.

  5. From about Hendry’s announcing Piniella’s hiring:

    In the end, Hendry never had a dispute with interim President John McDonough over his choice of Piniella over Girardi, as was speculated. And he never asked for permission to talk to San Diego about Bochy, whom he called an “outstanding manager” and a longtime friend.

    “I felt like where I was going, in fairness to the San Diego Padres and their fan base … it was in Bruce’s best interests to not be part of the process and stay with the Padres,” Hendry said. “What they choose to do in allowing him to talk to other people, that’s their business. If it was going to be Lou, why put other people in a situation that’s not conducive?”

  6. Richard: I did see the game, and am mainly gratefuly I am not a Cardinals fan. I actually was following along in the footballoutsiders’ game discussion thread where I first saw your comments on the poor play calling.

    I guess, with all the complaints about Bochy’s poor in game management, we should be glad that baseball is a game on which the manager has little impact.

  7. I heard Olney on ESPN Radio today — Bochy is now a leading candidate for the Giants opening.

    If Bochy goes, he mentioned Bud Black as a good candidate for San Diego.

  8. Wow, imagine Bochy managing a division rival. That’d be strange.

  9. BTW, what’s with the Rolen-LaRussa dispute going on?
    Do the Padres try to trade for Rolen?

  10. Hello all-

    Have been in a paternal way this last week. My son, Dash (short for Dashiell) arrived Tuesday night (10/10 – Brett Favre’s birthday!) at 11pm CT. I have a great pic of him in the hospital with my Pads hat in the bassinett with him, not sure how to post it here though. Look for him in a Padres uniform in ~ 20-22 years.

    Finally getting caught up on recent events…not sure how to feel about Bochy interviewing w/ the Giants. On the one hand, I like Alderson’s stance – let the employees see what’s on the other side so they can appreciate what they have here more if they stay. But…I would not be pleased if BB left town, especially to a division rival with deep pockets. I think his ability to manage players through a long season (“strategic managing”) is very underrated. What’s lacking is in-game managing (“tactical managing”), which can be helped by hiring the right Bench coach.

    Another question I have: why is KT so blatant in his Ollie Perez-ophilia? Seems like that would drive the price up, but I would LOVE to have OP back in SD as a lefty arm out of the pen, maybe spot-starter. And, if he can get his mojo back, slot him back in the rotation.

    Rumour is it the Cubs will make a run at A-rod…what will it take to get him from the Yankees? I don’t think too much except the willingness to take on his full salary. Maybe Kerry Wood gets thrown in the deal, but I doubt Prior is necessary.

    What do we know about this guy from CO that the Pads picked up the same day they released Bellhorn, Alexander and Williamson? #s looked ok to me on the surface, but I have not had time to research him at all. Hopefully another example of Towers finding a scrap heap bullpen gem ala Linebrink.

    Richard, I mananged to watch most of MNF while feeding, burping and generally trying to quiet the little guy, and I agree with you on the playcalling in the 2nd half by Zona…and apparently so does Denny Green, firing the O Coordinator today!!

    Hoping the Mets win out and that the Tigers stomp whomever in 4…want the next NL team to win the WS to be the Padres!

  11. Clayton,

    Congratulations on your new son. As the father of 3 boys, I can tell you that there’s nothing quite as much fun as going to the game with your son(s).

  12. Clayton Congrats!!

    As to your ARod comments, I think the deal starts with 2 key pieces, #1. the Cubs taking on most of ARod’s salary. #2. the Cubs including Zambrano.

    I don’t think they will do #2. Wood is a FA and will have to sign an incentive laiden deal. Prior is still a crap shoot b/c of the injuries.

    I have heard Aramis Ramirez name mentioned, but he can opt out of his contract this year and I can’t see how they could include him in the deal unless he really, really wanted to go to NY.

  13. Conrats on the new rugrat. You don’t think of hm like now, but you will. Agree also, its great taking your kids to game.

    The Az Cards have got to be checkng themselves after that lose. BTW, first entertaining MFG in a long time. That kicker should be fired.

    Bochy to the Giants, no way. What about Gene Macca down here? Isn’t he and Sandi buds.

    Is it me, or has the BB playoffs fallen off the map? BTW, I’m routng for the Cards, can’t stand the mets.

  14. Re: A-Rod to the Cubs, ESPN just did a piece on that w/ Steve Phillips & Timmy K. They agreed that the only way that deal gets done is if Chicago gives Zambrano to NY & that IS NOT happening.

  15. Congratulations Clayton! I like the name . . . best way to post a pic is to upload to a site like Snapfish or Flickr. My wife and I use Snapfish, and we’ve got several hundred pics posted there.

    My son is totally enamored with his Padres mobile — it makes me so proud. I’m still looking forward to dressing him and his sister their first Pads outfits!

  16. Clayton

    Blub from about Justin Hampson:

    Padres claimed LHP Justin Hampson off waivers from the Rockies.

    Hampson, 26, made his major league debut in September and allowed 10 runs in 12 innings. Padres fans can think of him as a left-hander version of Mike Thompson. Above average command of a below average arsenal could make him of use as a middle reliever and spot starter. Now that he’s in San Diego, there’s a chance he could have a little fantasy value.

  17. LOS ANGELES — Former Dodgers left-hander Fernando
    Valenzuela has a new teammate as he begins his third season with
    the Mexicali Aguilas of the Mexican Pacific League — his son.

    Fernando Valenzuela Jr., a first baseman playing winter ball for
    the first time, spent last season with the Mobile Bay Bears, then
    the Double-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. At age 24, he is
    the oldest of Valenzuela’s four children.

  18. Congrats, Clayton!

    I agree with you on Alderson’s willingness to let his folks explore other opportunities (I actually posted something along those lines this morning), but am torn on Bochy — whoever would come in to replace him had better be very good.

    As for Ollie, that seems to be KT’s m.o. He did the same thing with Dave Roberts a couple winters ago. That famous KT candor can be a double-edged sword.

    Finally, I don’t know much about Hampson but I’ve added him to the organizational tree.

    Anyway, congrats again…

  19. Congratulations, Clayton.
    Can’t wait to see your son (after Hammett?) playing in Padres uniform.