Playoff IGD: A’s @ Tigers (13 Oct 06)

first pitch: 1:30 p.m., PT
television: FOX
matchup: Rich Harden (4-0, 4.24 ERA) vs Kenny Rogers (17-8, 3.84 ERA)
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It snowed in Detroit on Thursday. Forecast for Friday afternoon calls for temperatures in the mid-40s and precipitation. Yuck.

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  1. I don’t understand what the A’s are doing with their pitching staff. They switched Haren and Harden now, so that their second best pitcher this year isn’t going to pitch for them until game 4 (Haren). And now should they miraculously extend the series to 7 games, they’ll have to survive two starts from Loaiza and only get one start from Haren. Oops.

  2. Looks like the A’s hitters are as cold as the weather in the Detroit area. The Gambler is dominating with one hit and one walk in 4IP so far.

  3. If the A’s lose this game, they are done.
    My consolation prize would be that D’Angelo Jimenez not making the WS roster.

  4. The Gambler is dominating.
    Rogers 74-50 6IP 2H 1BB 5K.

    Harden is not getting any help. The A’s look done by the cold bats, and not much pitching.

  5. Tigers are looking darned impressive so far in the playoffs.

  6. BigTKFan, if you within the sound of my voice, I responded to your last posts last night, and I tried to do so in a civil manner.

  7. LDS

    Oak-Min 3-0
    Det-NYY 3-1
    NYM-LAD 3-0
    SD-StL 3-1

    Det-Oak 3-0 (in about 1/2 hour)
    NYM-StL 1-0

    I see Detroit sweeping and the Cards getting 1 win at most with Carpenter. That would be 3 wins by the teams losing the series. So much for October fireworks ….

  8. Geez, heckuva play by Polanco to end the seventh.

  9. Re 6

    Thanks for the responses, Kevin. Some good advice and commentary. I’ll be more circumspect with my assertions about the media and try to do a bit of research before I post my offhand assumptions.

    Since you’ve had an inside look at the media and how things function, I would be interested to hear more about your cynicism. I’ve lived abroad for the past ten years in a society where media portrayal of events — what they choose to report (and not report) and how they report it — has and has had dire implications for society as a whole. The U.S., with its hetergeneous population, may be less susceptible to disproportionate media influence, but recent political events (perhaps in the sports world not so much), irrespective of ones political persuasion, suggest otherwise.

    Anyway, thanks again for the interesting commentary and your civility.

  10. As for media, I think they can often do a poor job. The 1996 Olympic bombing was a big example of the media and society in general convicting someone before all the facts are in.

    Where did you live? Are you still living there?