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Interview: Steve Poltz, Part 5

In Part 4 of our chat with singer/songwriter/Padre fan Steve Poltz poltz.com, Steve talked about Steve Garvey’s homer in the NLCS in ’84, shagging fly balls while Tony Gwynn took batting practice, and more. In our final segment, Steve discusses his meeting of Ken Caminiti, the heartbreak of watching USD alum Brady Clark struggle in [...]

Weekend Winter Wrapup (29 Oct 07)

Congrats to the Red Sox on their World Series victory or whatever. Stephen said it best in the comments: Nothing warms my heart more than seeing Tom Werner standing on the podium to accept the WS trophy. For those who may have forgotten why we detest Werner in these parts, here’s a handy reminder. Aside [...]

World Series IGD: Tigers @ Cardinals, Game 4

first pitch: 5:05 p.m., PT television: FOX matchup: Jeremy Bonderman (14-8, 4.08 ERA) vs Jeff Suppan (12-7, 4.12 ERA) buy tickets You know the routine. Chat about the game or anything else. Be nice, and don’t break anything. Visit the fine blogs listed in the sidebar. Go outside and play. Whatever works for you…

World Series IGD: Tigers @ Cardinals, Game 3

first pitch: 5:05 p.m., PT television: FOX matchup: Nate Robertson (13-13, 3.84 ERA) vs Chris Carpenter (15-8, 3.09 ERA) buy tickets I’m still out of town, probably staring at the ocean or something. Maybe I’m drinking a beer or rummaging through used bookstores. Who can say? Go Tigers.

World Series IGD: Cardinals @ Tigers, Game 2

first pitch: 5:05 p.m., PT television: FOX matchup: Jeff Weaver (8-14, 5.76 ERA) vs Kenny Rogers (17-8, 3.84 ERA) buy tickets Another day, another Cardinals starter with a 5+ ERA. I’m out of town this week, but feel free to chat about the game or anything else. Enjoy!

Playoff IGD: Cardinals @ Mets (18 Oct 06)

first pitch: 5:19 p.m., PT television: FOX matchup: Chris Carpenter (15-8, 3.09 ERA) vs John Maine (6-5, 3.60 ERA) buy tickets The series returns to New York on Wednesday, as the Mets try to stave off elimination against the Cardinals’ best pitcher. Could the Tigers’ wait for a World Series opponent be over? We shall [...]

Congratulations, White Sox!

They did it. A mere 88 years after their last world championship, the Chicago White Sox are on top once again. Congratulations to the Pale Hose and their fans!

World Series IGD: White Sox @ Astros, Game 3

first pitch: 5:30 p.m., PT television: Fox matchup: Jon Garland (18-10, 3.50 ERA) vs Roy Oswalt (20-12, 2.94 ERA) Vince Galloro has a detailed preview of Tuesday night’s contest up at Exile in Wrigleyville. For my part, I’ll just note that this is a very even pitching matchup. Opponents hit .255/.298/.399 against Garland in 2005, [...]

World Series IGD: Astros @ White Sox, Game 1

first pitch: 4:30 p.m., PT television: Fox matchup: Roger Clemens (13-8, 1.87 ERA) vs Jose Contreras (15-7, 3.61 ERA) preview: MLB.com Feels weird doing one of these without the Padres in it, but if you’re watching the game and you want to hang out and chat, please feel free. I’m really looking forward to what [...]

World Series: Astros vs White Sox

Congrats to the Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros for reaching the World Series! It is great to see some new blood in there (and no teams from Boston or New York). I have a slight preference for the ChiSox because they don’t have Roger “I Don’t Know What That Thing I Threw at Mike [...]