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Me, Elsewhere: Show Some Glove

I went on vacation and wrote an article about the Padres defense. Yeah, I know how to party. Among the many interesting things I discovered in conducting my research are these: Padres outfielders can’t keep baserunners from advancing. Padres infielders are excellent at defending against the bunt. The Padres turned more double plays in 2010 [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Pitchers Duels of the 1940s

The second part of my “epic pitchers duels” series is up at Hardball Times and focuses on the 1940s. There is a little more of a San Diego/Padres connection in this installment. Bob Kennedy (father of former Padres catcher Terry Kennedy) merits a mention, as does the pride of Hoover High, Ted Williams. One of [...]

Me, Elsewhere: They Don’t Pitch Like That Anymore

My latest at Hardball Times examines the four greatest pitchers duels of the 1920s and 1930s, including the classic May 1, 1920, battle between the Brooklyn Robins and the Boston Braves that saw starters Leon Cadore and Joe Oeschger work all 26 innings of a 1-1 tie. There is no real Padres angle here. Gaylord [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Arizona Fallin’

As I mentioned the other day, we drove to Phoenix this weekend to take in a couple of Arizona Fall League games. Well, now I’ve got an article and photos at Hardball Times to prove it. You’ll notice that no current Padres are mentioned in the piece (although 2008 draftee Jason Kipnis is, and boy [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Derek and the Dominoes

My latest at Hardball Times concludes the four-part series that offers an alternate version of the 1987 draft based on what we know now (took me long enough, eh?). There isn’t much of a Padres angle in this installment, although Derek Bell makes an appearance. Remember when the Padres stuck Bell at third base in [...]

Off-Season Plans

Now that I’ve said as much as I care to say about the 2010 season, it’s time to start looking forward. This is subject to change according to life and what not, but here’s the general idea at least through the end of the year: Mon: I Almost Prayed in Albuquerque — When I drove [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Game 162

My latest at Hardball Times offers a real-time accounting of the Padres’ final game in 2010. I would have written a better ending, but non-fiction is unforgiving that way. Assuming I can get my act together, I’ll post some final thoughts on the season later in the week and lay out plans for the coming [...]

Me, Elsewhere: No Ausmus, No Ashby, No Thanks

My latest at Hardball Times continues our 1987 redraft with the benefit of hindsight. This installment covers picks 17 through 24. Aside from the amusing fact that in 2000, the Toronto Blue Jays would have been better off with almost anyone in their rotation other than Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay, there are a couple [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Overcoming a Long Losing Streak

In my latest at Hardball Times, I’ve taken a break from my series on the 1987 draft to focus on a topic nearer and dearer to our hearts. My 100th article at THT focuses on teams of the past three decades that lost at least 10 straight games during the season and still wound up [...]

Me, Elsewhere: What if the Padres Had Drafted Travis Fryman?

The second installment of my “Reimagining the 1987 draft” series is up at Hardball Times. In our alternate reality, the Padres don’t take Texas right-hander Kevin Garner with the 10th pick overall, choosing instead Florida high schooler Travis Fryman. In this scenario, Fryman would have been the Padres’ third baseman during the Ken Caminiti years [...]