Me, Elsewhere: Arizona Fallin’

As I mentioned the other day, we drove to Phoenix this weekend to take in a couple of Arizona Fall League games. Well, now I’ve got an article and photos at Hardball Times to prove it.

You’ll notice that no current Padres are mentioned in the piece (although 2008 draftee Jason Kipnis is, and boy did he have a great game). That’s mainly because the Padres didn’t send any real prospects to the league this year and the three players I saw didn’t do much. Still, I’ll post more about them in a separate article here at Ducksnorts. Meanwhile, head over to Hardball Times and read up on the AFL. Enjoy…

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  1. With no second basemen on the horizon, that Kipnis non-signage looks even worse now.

    Is there still hope for Antonelli? Or are we counting on Evereth Cabrera to be the 2B in 2011? I sure hope either one will start hitting.