Me, Elsewhere: Derek and the Dominoes

My latest at Hardball Times concludes the four-part series that offers an alternate version of the 1987 draft based on what we know now (took me long enough, eh?). There isn’t much of a Padres angle in this installment, although Derek Bell makes an appearance.

Remember when the Padres stuck Bell at third base in 1993? He started 18 games there and hit .382/.411/.588. Unfortunately, he also committed eight errors, which negated his offensive exploits.

Anyway, read more about Bell and the other seven players taken at the end of our revised draft if you’re so inclined.

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  1. That’s been a good read, Geoff. Thanks.

    It’s interesting how all the trades that wouldn’t have happened (might have happened differently) ended up not affecting most of the teams involved.