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THT Forecasts

THT Forecasts have arrived. The marketing points: Oliver projections for the next six years for over 7,000 major and minor league players. These projections include hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics (the latter based on Brian Cartwright’s own play-by-play system), wins above replacement (WAR) projections, and coming soon, base running as well. You can read more [...]

Me Elsewhere: Petco Park Still Isn’t Kind to Hitters

File my latest at Hardball Times under “D” for “duh”: Three years ago I studied Petco Park’s effect on offense. The results — that it kills offense — matched what my eyes told me, which is always nice. Now, with three more years of data, I’ve revisited the earlier study and found that most of [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Thanks for All the Runs

My latest at Hardball Times examines pitchers that succeeded despite not pitching very well. Our pal Ismael Valdez, who once inspired some wretched poetry, appears on this list. For grins, here are the five lowest ERA+ of Padres pitchers who qualified for the ERA title and finished with a winning record: Kevin Jarvis, 2001: 12-11, [...]

Friday Links (29 Jan 10)

Don’t waste your links or links will waste you… The nickname game: all nicknames all the time (Hardball Times). I don’t recall ever hearing Mike Cameron referred to as “The Black Cat” in his two years with the Padres. I still have a soft spot for two other ex-Padres, Milton “Jenga” Bradley and Kevin “Mashin’ [...]

Me Elsewhere: Tough-Luck Pitchers

As threatened, postings will occur more frequently this year. If you’re looking for the Jon Garland thread, it’s over here. Meanwhile, my latest is up at Hardball Times. It’s all about pitchers who ended up with losing records despite pitching very well. Dave Roberts’ epic 1971 campaign with the Padres tops the list. Five times [...]

Me, Elsewhere: A Whole Lotta History

I’m happy to report that my “Players Worth Remembering” series at Hardball Times is finally complete. If you love the history of baseball (and why wouldn’t you?), head on over to learn more about some players from years gone by that might have slipped under your radar: 1969-1989 1947-1968 1925-1946 1901-1924 Others (catchers and infielders) [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Chatting with Dirk

Former Padres pitcher and friend of Ducksnorts Dirk Hayhurst has penned his first book. Bullpen Chronicles, due out in March 2010, is drawing advance praise from some big names and promises to be an entertaining read. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dirk about his book, baseball, and life. As always, he has [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Bob Elliott, Nate Colbert, and Some Other Guys

The penultimate installment in my “Players Worth Remembering” series is up at Hardball Times. San Diego (well, El Centro) native and former PCL Padre Bob Elliott tops the list of third basemen, while original NL Padre Nate Colbert merits an honorable mention at first base. Also, this year I’m playing in BP Kings, a Scoresheet [...]

Site Non-update

Last month my web hosting company apparently went out of business without telling anyone. Repeated attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful, but if you’re interested in the sordid details, a fellow refugee has documented the situation. Apart from the drama, this is where we stand: I managed to back up my database a few [...]


Hi there, Ducksnorts is broken. I’m working to fix it, but there is no timetable. With luck, we’ll be back up and running by the end of the year. In the meantime, you can read my stuff at The Hardball Times and Baseball Prospectus. Thanks, Geoff