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Spring Training Meetup?

For those interested, my latest article at Hardball Times focuses on some strange games in recent history. The Padres aren’t well represented, although Andy Hawkins’ no-hit loss as a member of the Yankees shows up here (and I suppose if you really want to push it, Josh Barfield’s dad played in that game). Jason Bay? [...]

Friday Links (21 Dec 07)

Links. Who doesn’t love ‘em? Short and sweet: Tony Gwynn talks about the Mitchell Report (San Diego Union-Tribune). MB analyzes the Jim Edmonds trade (Friar Forecast). Tom Krasovic offers his thoughts on Edmonds as well (San Diego Union-Tribune). Joe P. Sheehan examines similar pitchers by pitch type (Baseball Analysts, hat tip Friar Forecast). Chris Young [...]

When Fernando Played First Base

My latest article, about a crazy night in Houston back in ’89, is up at Hardball Times. The game in question doesn’t involve our favorite team, although a few then-future-Padres played in it. Enjoy…

Friday Links (7 Dec 07)

Lots o’ links today… Padres set to bring back Bradley (Padres.com). The deal reportedly would be 1 year, $3.5-4 million. Or, as I like to call it, a bargain. This is still in the works (as are some other possibilities), so keep your fingers crossed. Padres have quiet time at Meetings (Padres.com). Even assuming Milton [...]

Friday Links (15 Nov 07)

Wait, didn’t we already do a link post this week? Marketing spin: Two for the price of one. Yeah, that’s it… Padres build top bullpen through smart shopping (SI.com, via Brett in the comments). Tom Verducci has noticed what we’ve long known: that Kevin Towers has a gift for acquiring cheap arms. It’s weird that [...]

Operation Center Field: Home, Home on the Range

When last we examined the center field situation, we formulated a series of questions to consider before moving forward. Now we’ll look at the first of these: What do the Padres need in a center fielder? Today we’ll cover the defensive side of the equation; tomorrow we’ll hit the offense. I think you see my [...]

Friday Links (19 Oct 07)

I’m making excellent progress on the book. Drafts of two chapters — Best by Position in Padres History, Kevin Towers Trade Register — are complete, and I’ve gotten started on two more — Player Dashboards and Commentary, Overlooked ex-Padres. I love my job. (And I’m trying hard not to become one of those annoyingly happy [...]

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