Friday Links (19 Oct 07)

I’m making excellent progress on the book. Drafts of two chapters — Best by Position in Padres History, Kevin Towers Trade Register — are complete, and I’ve gotten started on two more — Player Dashboards and Commentary, Overlooked ex-Padres.

I love my job. (And I’m trying hard not to become one of those annoyingly happy people that you just want to smack.)

Center Field

Great discussion on Thursday about how to attack the problem. We’ll pick it up again next week; meanwhile, here’s what other folks have to say:


The relative importance of strikeouts came up in Thursday’s discussion. Here are a couple of (oldish) articles that may help shed light on the subject:


  • Padres farm out Bryk (San Diego Union-Tribune). Bill Bryk shifts from field coordinator to American League scout. Tom Gamboa takes over Bryk’s old role. From the article:

    When Fuson inherited Bryk, it meant the Padres’ two most powerful farm jobs belonged to baseball veterans of vastly different philosophies. Bryk was developed as a scout by the Pirates, who emphasized athleticism in players and fastball speed among pitchers. Fuson hails from an Athletics system that highly valued hitting discipline and pitching aptitude.


  • San Diego Padres Top 5 (Project Prospect, via Friar Forecast). This is a fascinating list because it’s so different from what you’re likely to see elsewhere. I can’t say that I agree with it all (Will Inman ahead of Matt Antonelli and Chase Headley?), but it’s nice to see someone recognize Kyle Blanks.


  • Odds and Ends (MLB Trade Rumors, via Phantom in the comments). From the article:

    Also note that Kevin Kouzmanoff is a butcher at third; maybe the Friars will be in the market for Mike Lowell this winter (a player they’ve expressed interest in in the past).

    Three points:

    1. Kouzmanoff isn’t a butcher at third; he’s below average — there is a difference.
    2. Lowell is coming off a great season, but at this stage in his career, it’s not clear that he represents an upgrade from Kouz on offense going forward.
    3. Headley is just about ready in case something happens to Kouz.
  • Three Padres on the mend ( We knew about Brian Giles‘ knee and Trevor Hoffman‘s elbow, now it’s Josh Bard‘s turn. Bard had surgery on his right wrist. Remember when he stopped batting left-handed for a while back in August? This is why.
  • EMERGENCY! (Hardball Times, via FriarFanDan in the comments). I love that Tuck is now doing stuff for us at Hardball Times. Hi-frackin’-larious.

Winter Leagues

  • Surprise 10, Saguaros 3 (box). Will Venable, batting seventh and again at DH (a sore shoulder is keeping him out of center field), hit two solo home runs in four at-bats. Venable homered to right in the second off Fernando Rodriguez and to center in the fifth off Von Stertzbach. Both pitchers are right-handers in the Angels organization; neither is a top-shelf prospect. Jonathan Ellis worked a scoreless ninth.
  • Escogido 7, Licey 2 (box). Results from the Dominican seem to take a little longer. This is Wednesday’s game. Yordany Ramirez started in center for Licey and batted ninth, singling and striking out twice in four at-bats. Vince Sinisi played left field for Escogido and went 1-for-3 with two RBI in the #5 hole.
  • Licey 3, Azucareros 2 (box). Ramirez moved up to the #8 spot and went 2-for-3 with a triple and two RBI. Incidentally, there are worse places to play baseball in the winter than Licey:

  • Hermosillo 7, Navojoa 1 (box). Oscar Robles led off and went 0-for-4 with a walk. Luis Cruz, back in center field, singled twice in four trips to the plate.
  • Obregon 5, Mexicali 2 (box). Jared Wells struck out three of the four batters he faced in the ninth (including Jason Botts and Carlos Rivera, both of whom have seen some action in the big leagues). Ex-Padre Jon “I Was Traded for Heath Bell and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” Adkins picked up the save for Obregon.

There you go. Happy Friday!

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  1. GY, I saw your post at KnuckleCurve about Crisp sitting might drive down his price. I agree, but I can’t help but wonder if his value is dropping along with the price…