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Winter Leagues

Wednesday, December 5

  • Azucareros 5, Escogido 3 (box). Crabbe (who technically wasn’t a member of the Padres when this game was played) went 0-for-4 with a walk while leading off and playing left field for Azucareros. Vince Sinisi, batting third and playing left for Escogido, singled and was hit by a pitch in four trips to the plate.
  • Estrellas 5, Aguilas 3 (box). Luke Carlin, batting sixth and catching, walked twice and singled in four plate appearances.
  • Mochis 6, Hermosillo 5 (box). Marshall McDougall got the start at second base; batting second, he singled twice and drove in three runs in five at-bats.
  • Navojoa 3, Mazatlan 0 (box). Oscar Robles got the start at DH and moved down a slot to the #3 hole, where he singled in four at-bats. Luis Cruz, in his customary #7 hole, took Robles’ place in the field, and went 0-for-4 with a stolen base; he also fielded the only two chances he got at short. On the other side, Brian Myrow doubled and walked in four trips to the plate.

Thursday, December 6

Box scores from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela were unavailable as of this writing.

  • Hermosillo 7, Mochis 3 (box). McDougall, again at second, went 2-for-5.
  • Mazatlan 7, Navojoa 1 (box). Cruz, again at shortstop and moving up to #2 in the order, singled and walked in four trips to the plate. Robles DH’d and batted behind him, going 0-for-3 with a walk. Myrow went 0-for-4 with a walk for Mazatlan. He also committed a throwing error in the sixth on grounder off the bat of Robles; Cruz ended up at third on the play — Padres everywhere. The next inning, ex-Padre Miguel Ojeda (who went 3-for-4 with a double) picked Cruz off at first (Myrow applying the tag) with Robles at bat. Most interestingly, Myrow shifted from first to third base for the final inning. I don’t know what the story is there, or if he legitimately can play the position, but that could come in handy down the line. On further review, it appears that Myrow played 15 games at the hot corner in 2006 while in the Red Sox organization. He logged 86 games at third in ’03, and 24 games at second base. Didn’t Matt Stairs play second in the minors? Sorry to keep beating the drum so hard, but I think Myrow has value despite his age.

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  1. Here is our experienced 2B with some pop and a good glove…could keep the position warm for the whole year if needed…

  2. I cant go on to ESPN at work anymore, who is it?

  3. #1: So good it deserves to be mentioned twice, eh? ;-)

    #3: Jose Castillo, formerly with Pittsburgh.

  4. did they sign him or was it just about him being non-tendered

  5. #5: Castillo was released to make room for Rule V pick (and ex-Padre) Evan Meek. CM was making a suggestion.

  6. ah thanks G.Y.

    Damn you IT department!

  7. Just what we need in SD a guy who cant even make it in Pittsburg SIGN HIM UP

  8. How about a Kevin Towers effect in explaining overpaying for relievers?

    Of course, KT finds quality arms at bargain basement prices. But other GMs see this and say, “Hey, I just as smart as Towers and I have more money!” Therefore they go out and build their custom bullpens along with inflated contracts.

  9. Man I hope Fukudome is not taking a tour of SD today to see if he wants to sign here, although he was here for the WBC.

  10. Sorry Steve…I forget that not everyone works from home and can go to any sports site…

    I was sorta tongue-in-cheek for Castillo, but he does have good defense and might come cheap. Plus, he has played in the Majors…nah, really more of a joking suggestion.

  11. Re: 11 Its ok I could go on ESPN at work up until 3 days ago.

  12. We have the all MASH unit outfield right now and this fact worries me.

    Bradley (habitually injured)
    Giles (micro-fracture surgery)
    Cameron (25 game suspension) assuming he accepts arbitration

    How many games do we really think we will get out of those guys…

    We better have a 4th outfielder who can start, and maybe a 5th just in case.

  13. Does anyone have any concern that If we get Fukudome, it will be shortened to KFuc? Maybe I should copyright that . . .

  14. 1 … here’s a pic of Kulbacki from his first day in a pro uni …

  15. That would make an intereting shirt…

    I still think we need to make a show like American Gladiators, but make them Japanese and call it Fukudome…

  16. 14, 16: I was thinking that would make a great t shirt too, like those FCUK shirts. Let’s wait until he’s actually signed…

  17. 14.

    I’m seeing it being more like Fukey (Foo-Key). But I do like your Dice K approach.

  18. Random thought of the day…what would it take to get Cameron Maybin from the Marlins? They need a 3b and Headley would fit in with what they are doing…what else would we need to give?

    It would have to be a young arm or two, depending on how good….thoughts?

  19. For those of you who haven’t already ventured over to the my list … this one is VERY much worth checking out …

    Remember This Name

    … ah, this helps me look forward to spring … and beyond!

  20. Re: 20 KT asked the Tigers about Maybin and was told the Pads dont have the players to get him, Im not sure if that changes with the Marlins or not though.

  21. 20.

    Probably nothing. The Marlins have had a revolving CF’r for a couple of seasons now and they just got possibly the best prospect in all of baseball to play it for them. I don’t think there is a combination we could put together that would get him from them. The conversation would probably start at Headley, Antonelli and Latos and I’m still not sure they would entertain it and I’m pretty positive the Padres wouldn’t do that. I would love the guy but the Marlins just want top prospects.

  22. RE: 24 I wonder if Prior is refusing any 09 option because he knows it will make him less valuable to other teams and it will force the Cubs to non-tender him and then he can come to SD. Since him and KT are neighbors maybe they stayed up late one night hatching these crazy scheme together.

  23. Two words to toss out: So Taguchi. Probably a great backup OF option that we can get on the cheap since he was just released by St. Louis. Thoughts?

  24. I wondered the same thing Marsh, but after thinking about it, I just don’t see how he fits…

  25. Re: 26 the Pads have plenty of 4th & 5th OF’s they need a starting CF/LF


    Top 5 2007 NL Relievers, by WXRL

    Player, Team, WXRL

    Takashi Saito, LAN, 5.8
    Heath Bell, SDN, 5.7
    Brandon Lyon, ARI, 4.4
    Jose Valverde, ARI, 4.3
    Jason Isringhausen, SLN, 4.2

  27. 19-

    I want to sign fukudome so he bats behind kouzmanoff and we can hear chants of KOOOOOOOOZ followed by FOOOOOOOOOOOK

  28. OT … here’s what life is like for fans of teams with a BAD GM …

    re: ‘stros signing of Matsui … a classic rant!

  29. 11. My understanding of Jose Castillo was that he could hit for power, but not hit consistently. That, and he had a lot of errors for Pittsburgh while he was at second base.

  30. We lost Bradley to the Rangers. Ugh. I know a lot of people dont agree with me, but that feels like a punch in the stomach. Bradley made the rest of our lineup a lot better.

  31. 34, 35: I was just about to post the same thing. That seriously blows. I thought he was a huge part of our success last year, and I really would have loved to have him back.

    I guess at the end of the day, he probably feel he can accomplish more as a DH type, rather than a regular outfielder.