When Fernando Played First Base

My latest article, about a crazy night in Houston back in ’89, is up at Hardball Times. The game in question doesn’t involve our favorite team, although a few then-future-Padres played in it.


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  1. 29 & 31: You make a good point about the difference in lineups. Assuming no huge shakeups between last year and the coming one, he will face weaker lineups in the NL West versus the AL West.

    Yes, I know ERA+ adjusts for park, but I doubt it’s perfect in its adjustments. It also is a factor relative to the league, so just becasue Haren’s raw ERA may drop by facing pitchers, he will be compared to the rest of the NL, who also face pitchers.

    I don’t believe it’s a given that just changing from AL to NL, or from AL West to NL West will automatically give him a higher ERA+. He had a 137 last season, which was the 5th best in the NL last year. I think he’ll be hard pressed to repeat that level of performance next year, let alone improve upon it, but he may. ymmv.

  2. 49: It’s not really $15 million because Silva has an extra year on his contract. It’s $1.4 million per year, but it’s still a steal for Detroit. Willis is a much better pitcher than Silva, younger, more durable, K’s a lot more guys. Detroit is going to push the Red Sox next season. Here’s to another year of Yankee frustration.