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Somebody’s Got a Case of the Thursdays

If you thought Wednesday night’s loss (box score) was dreadful, here’s something even verse: Once was a boy, age fifteen years,       Hiram Helsel was his name, And he was sick two years or so;       He has left this world of pain; His friends they miss this lovely boy,   [...]

Decade of Ducksnorts

Yep, we’ve been here 10 years. That’s, like, 70 in Internet years. I was going to create a snazzy badge to commemorate the event, but what follows will be plenty self-indulgent on its own. Come, follow me… Old Incarnations I can’t find any versions earlier than 2000 (I probably have a few on a floppy [...]

Learning to Drive

Hard to offer meaningful commentary on a game that wasn’t televised. I assume from the 10 runs and five homers that the offense performed well. Either that or Micah Owings pitched like… well, you get the idea. Padres at Ballhype As you know, I’ve been doing some work with Ballhype of late. Just wanted to [...]

IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (1 Sep 07)

Game #135 time: 7:05 p.m. PT tv: 4SD sp: Jake Peavy (15-5, 2.18) vs Derek Lowe (11-11, 3.56) pre: After winning with David Wells on the mound for the first time since July 16, the Padres look to make it two in a row against Los Angeles. Meanwhile, roster expansion has started. Catcher Michael [...]

IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (31 Aug 07)

Game #134 time: 7:05 p.m. PT tv: 4SD sp: Jack Cassel (0-0, 6.00) vs David Wells (6-8, 5.46) pre:, Jack Cassel makes his first big-league start. Cassel’s brother is an NFL quarterback — he backs up the dreamy Tom Brady in New England. Who knew… [Tip o' the Ducksnorts cap to Gaslamp Ball.]

Friday Links (31 Aug 07)

My wife and I went to Del Mar on Thursday. First time I’d been to the track in years. I studied the horses, jockeys, and trainers to the best of my limited ability and proceeded to lose every race I bet on. My wife hit a 30-1 longshot in the third race. She liked the [...]

Tied for First

The Padres are tied for first again after Wednesday night’s 3-1 victory over Arizona at Petco Park (box score). That’s nice, but let’s not get carried away just yet. Not to bring everyone down, but being in first place on August 30 isn’t the goal, it’s just a signpost along the highway. The Padres have [...]

How the (NL) West Will Be Won

Fun weekend in Philadelphia. Fun road trip. Four out of six against two playoff contenders back east? Works for me. Now the boys return to Petco for a huge four-game series against Arizona. We can whine about the fact that the Diamondbacks are outperforming their Pythagorean record by 12 games or we can acknowledge the [...]

Peavy Ties Benes, Bullpen (Barely) Holds On to Beat Mets

Nice to hang on for the win Wednesday night (box score). Congrats to Jake Peavy for tying Andy Benes’ career mark for strikeouts by a Padres pitcher. The game wasn’t without its white-knuckle moments, aka the ninth inning. Several folks have noted that the Padres are having difficulty closing out games, and I’m happy (or [...]

Stupid Money

David Wells is gone — the Padres are still figuring out what, exactly, to do with him, but he’s gone… I have to tread lightly here, because he was a popular player and I don’t want to kick a guy when he’s down. That said, this was a long time coming. Wells had coughed up [...]