IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (31 Aug 07)

Game #134
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Jack Cassel (0-0, 6.00) vs David Wells (6-8, 5.46)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

Jack Cassel makes his first big-league start. Cassel’s brother is an NFL quarterback — he backs up the dreamy Tom Brady in New England. Who knew…

[Tip o' the Ducksnorts cap to Gaslamp Ball.]

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  1. 100: We try to keep it civil over here. Just keep him away from GLB.

    And I don’t think there could be a better role model than KG. Maybe CY…

  2. Pads in 1st. D-backs lose.

  3. #100: Omar, Danny is welcome anytime. I think it cool that you let him join us.

  4. Really happy to see that the Padres rewarded Brian Myrow with a call up. Love to see him win a game with a big hit.

    BTW, where is the love for the man hated on this blog more than Blum, Doug Brocail ? Has he not stepped up in the last few months and pitched above average ball ? There are not many ‘end of staff’ /middle relievers on any staff in MLB that has pitched better than this guy. Truthfully, I have more confidence in Brocail than I have in Cla Meredith. hands down….go Padres. I want a 92 win season !!!!

  5. I am bummed about Pete Laforest getting DFA’d. What exactly did the guy have to do? He’s rarely played, but all he’s done all year is hit the ball well. He seemed like the better catcher than Barrett lately.

  6. Yeah, the LaForest DFA is mystifying. We couldn’t have done without Thatcher for another 10 days to keep 3 catchers for September? After reading about it on padres.com, it seems like it was mostly for the 40 man roster spot.

    Weird game tonight. Cassel got completely shelled the first three innings, but only gave up one run. He then pitched pretty well for the fourth, fifth, and sixth, but gave up a couple runs because Blum cannot play second and because of a single on a grounder to the pitcher and a bloop over shortstop. And then Wells didn’t give up anything hit hard in the first except for Adrian’s grounder and gave up three, but then was getting hit very hard the rest of the game.

    What the heck was the double steal in the first inning? That was a horrible call by whoever decided to do that.

  7. re 25: I often deliberately write my blog about a game I’ve attended before I come to check on DS. the reason is because I want to capture MY opinions, not parrot those here.

    I consider this a large compliment to the DS faithful. Just sayin’, take it as you will…

  8. Okay, wanted to throw out a hello to Danny… hey, kick your dad off the keyboard anytime, we need to feed the next generation. My 7 year old daughter has a pillow with a pic of Kahlil on it… *sigh* but hey, she loves the Pads. My son wants to be the next Hoffy.

    BTW, Trevor just hit a normal late season wall… Wags in NY hit the same one. Hoffy will be fine.

    Fun game. It looked like ’98 with Hoffy coming in the game and the t-shirts going….

  9. KG with 37 doubles? For every double he hits up to 42 he’ll be moving up the all time season high list for doubles. Several guys are tied with 38 and then there are one each at 39, 40, 41, and 42. If he can hit six more and make it to 43, he’ll be all alone in 4th place.

    Incidentally, one of those guys at 38 is AGon, who did it last year and has done it again this year.

  10. Rich #108: Your son and daughter have chosen some good role models — Hoffy and Greene