IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (1 Sep 07)

Game #135
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Jake Peavy (15-5, 2.18) vs Derek Lowe (11-11, 3.56)
pre: Padres.com

After winning with David Wells on the mound for the first time since July 16, the Padres look to make it two in a row against Los Angeles. Meanwhile, roster expansion has started. Catcher Michael Barrett is due off the disabled list on Saturday, while outfielder Brady Clark (USD) and first baseman Brian Myrow are expected to join the big club from Triple-A Portland. More reinforcements will arrive after Portland’s season ends on Tuesday. The org tree has been updated to reflect these latest changes. Go Padres!

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  1. Do we really need a ’90s retro night? Man, I feel old.

  2. 93: Totally agree. And it sucks that him calling that play will be in the highlight plays on mlb.com.

    I wish Matt gave us more of a heads up of when he’s working or not. Why is he taking so many breaks?

  3. #99: Yeah, even Quis and Tony are kind of on his side.

  4. 102: Because he can, I’d imagine.

  5. 101 – begs the question of what’s appropriate dress for a 90s retro night.

    Early 90s – grungy flannel shirts?

    Late 90s dotcom era – French blue button downs and khakis?

  6. If we’ve got an HVC, then it’s time to bring him in!

    Snakes are keeping pace, pounding Rox tonight …

  7. 102 – I think it’s b/c he’s doing Saturday day games for Fox…I think.

  8. 104: Uh, doesn’t he have the entire winter off? You know aside from the various world series of backgammon tournaments he covers on ESPN4

  9. #101: 90′s is *retro*? I feel old as well having growing up in the 60′s. My daughter was born in ’87. Yikes. We are old!

  10. Shouldn’t Hu be playing first base?

  11. Brady Clark makes his Padres debut. Toreros represent!

  12. re: 101
    I’m all for it if the boys wear the blue pinstripes. My favorite Padre uniform of all time.

  13. 109 – niiiice call.

  14. Geoff, as a LA native, how does this series play on your emotions?

  15. 111 – Actually, Hu’s at the plate…

  16. #116: Is What on second?

  17. #115: Not at all. I haven’t been a fan of the Dodgers since the late-’80s. They honestly are like any other team to me; I want the Padres to beat them, but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

  18. #118: I think we had that conversation in person. Sorry for bringing it up again.

  19. Is this Myrow’s MLB debut? C’mon kid, get a hit.

  20. Myrow had four hits for the Dodgers in ’05. Nice AB…

  21. And a walk is as good as a hit.

  22. Ah, nothing for Clark there. Bummer…

  23. Does Thatcher qualify as an HVC? I have ot think he’s better than that…

  24. Nice shutout for Jake!!!!!!

  25. Love to see Kouz laying out even with a big lead. Let’s go for the sweep tomorrow.

  26. Well, if I’m reading the pitching stats right, and I like to think that I am, this win makes Peavy the outright ML leader in ERA, part of a five-way tie for the lead in wins, and the #2 in strikeouts. Yeah, he’s having a year.

  27. A bit late getting back in (it’s spring training time down under) – one way to make all three outs in an inning is to hit into a triple play.

  28. 129: He is leading all 3 catagories in the NL