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Content Management Systems: Bane for Bloggers or Tools of Satan?

Aargh! I hate these freakin’ things. I’ve been messing around with PHP-Nuke off and on over the past several weeks. Like Linux and British sports cars, it’s pretty cool when it works but it doesn’t work often enough to be of actual use. So much promise. User comments. Polls specific to a particular entry. Threaded [...]

Dig Deep the Wells, Padres

Apologies to J.D. Salinger for the headline, but I couldn’t resist. Neither, apparently, could the Padres, who have inked soon-to-be 41-year-old left-hander David Wells to be–wait for it–the #1 starter in the rotation this year. According to reports, he’s guaranteed $1.5M, with incentives possibly pushing it as high as $7M. Here is his ZiPS projection [...]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Blog Last Night

So as I’m preparing to welcome in the new year with a few minor changes to the blog (you can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me!), the Padres go out and sign David Wells. I’m going to need some time to digest (pun intended) this one before I offer commentary. Expect a [...]


I had a chance to visit Petco Park the other day. Still needs a little work, but it’s looking real good. Genius that I am, I forgot to bring my digital camera so no pix. Tried to circumnavigate the stadium by foot, but thanks to all the construction, that’s nearly impossible. Of course, I didn’t [...]

Konichiwa, Akinori-san

Now that the signing of right-hander Akinori Ohtsuka appears to be imminent, it’s probably a good time to take a closer look at the soon-to-be-former Chunichi Dragon. I don’t know how well stats compiled on the other side of the Pacific translate into MLB equivalents, but bearing in mind that the man makes the stats [...]

Least Surprising News of the Off-Season

Sorry ’bout yesterday. Sometimes that happens. On the bright side, it did inspire some of you to write. I guess that whole Spam thing did come off as kind of a cry for help, didn’t it? Anyway, I’m okay. The Padres re-upped Trevor Hoffman. After pulling in $9M for 2003, Hoffman is guaranteed $2.5M for [...]

Brock2 Projections for Eight Rising Stars

Once again, I’ve been playing with Bill James’ Brock2 player projection system. Thought I’d take a look at some young, up-and-coming hitters and see what the future might hold for them. As always, bear in mind that even James acknowledged that this system is more of a toy than a tool. But it’s a heckuva [...]

Ex-Padres, Scary Defensive Alignments, and Control Problems

Lots going on. Not the best of times for a couple of former Padres, Davey Lopes and Randy Smith. Lopes was fired yesterday as manager of the Brewers, Smith last week as GM of the Tigers. Lopes should hook on with someone; he seems like a pretty bright guy. Not sure about Smith. He sure [...]

Geoff’s Scoresheet Rosters: AIL

With news out of spring training being relatively slow, I thought I’d indulge myself a bit and present you with some of my Scoresheet teams this year. Two of my leagues have finished drafting. AL-AIL This is a 10-team AL-only perpetual league. I won it all back in 1998 and have been climbing my way [...]

Winter League 1999-2000: Arizona Fall League

The Arizona Fall League (AFL) works a little differently from the other Winter Leagues. It’s actually subsidised by Major League Baseball with the purpose of serving as a league where the best prospects can further work on their game against better competition. Statistics in this league are often misleading, as often an organization will send [...]