Me, Elsewhere: How Ducksnorts Got Started, Thoughts on New Media, and More

I’ve done a Q & A about blogging, new media, and what not with online friend Rolin, whom I’ve known on the interwebs for many years. I recognize that this stuff may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he asked great questions and I think it makes for a cool read, although I’m biased.

Part 1 covers, among other things, the origins of Ducksnorts:

Somewhere along the line, I read about blogs in a newspaper article and liked the concept. I added a blog component to the site in 2001. The landscape was radically different back then, and I could read every baseball blog in existence in less than an hour a day.

In Part 2, we discuss my favorite aspect of blogging, interacting with folks:

I’m a musician and I’ve played in bands for most of the last 20 years. I’m in my current band because the drummer is a reader with whom I’ve developed a relationship over the years. He knew I played guitar and asked if I’d like to sit in with them. I did, and I’ve been playing in the band ever since. They are great guys that I would not have met had it not been for Ducksnorts.

We also talk about the Sandy Alderson interview:

My experience interviewing Alderson was incredible, easily one of the coolest things I’ve done in baseball or in life. He is disarmingly direct in his speech (which I love) and doesn’t mince words. I think maybe his directness intimidates some people, but I found him to be very engaging and accommodating.

Part 3 concludes with thoughts on press box access, my association with Rob Neyer (interesting timing on that one, eh?), and more:

If I were invited into the press box, I might try it once or twice just to see what it was like. It would give me a greater appreciation for what beat reporters do. Actually, cranking out content most every day has already done that. Now that I understand what is involved in putting together a product, I’m far less critical of reporters than I used to be — especially guys on the beat. Their deadlines are insane.

* * *

And if you need a little less of me, there’s plenty of that out there…

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    If Blanks returns mid-season and has his hitting stroke working, that could be HUGE (pun intended) …