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The Duck Also Rises (Sort Of)

The good folks at Padres Public have invited me to blog about our favorite team over there. I’ll be posting, for reasons that should be obvious, under the name Son of a Duck. To recap, here’s where my stuff currently appears: Baseball Prospectus – AL/NL West, subscription-based Son of a Duck – Padres… it’s like [...]

Me, Elsewhere: How Ducksnorts Got Started, Thoughts on New Media, and More

I’ve done a Q & A about blogging, new media, and what not with online friend Rolin, whom I’ve known on the interwebs for many years. I recognize that this stuff may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he asked great questions and I think it makes for a cool read, although I’m biased.

Nine Years and Five Days of Blogging

I’m terrible at remembering anniversaries. Seems I missed one over the weekend. Better late than never, eh? We celebrate/neglect two anniversaries here at Ducksnorts. One, in September, commemorates the original site launch in ’97. The other took place on June 12, when Ducksnorts marked its ninth year of blogging. Pardon me if you’ve heard this [...]

Do Bloggers Belong in the Press Box?

I’ve hesitated to run this because I find the whole “bloggers talking about bloggers” thing a bit esoteric, but people keep asking me my opinion, so here goes nothing… A while back, when I had the opportunity to chat with Padres CEO Sandy Alderson, he mentioned that he wouldn’t be against bringing bloggers into the [...]

Fried Twinkies, Arizona Fall League, and Servers

In the “Disgusting-But-I-Just-Might-Have-To-Try-It” department, we have fried Twinkies. Yikes… Blogging is kind of like a virus that just keeps on spreading. I ran a Google search on Ducksnorts, and here are some sites that link to me: Hoo Boy! Cleveland Indians Report Detroit Tigers Weblog America’s Pastime Casa de los Padres People’s Republic of Seabrook [...]