Me, Elsewhere: Chatting with Dirk

Former Padres pitcher and friend of Ducksnorts Dirk Hayhurst has penned his first book. Bullpen Chronicles, due out in March 2010, is drawing advance praise from some big names and promises to be an entertaining read.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dirk about his book, baseball, and life. As always, he has Interesting Things to Say (TM):

One thing writing has taught me about pitching is how small pitching is. I’ve said things along the lines of this, but it’s true. Writing about baseball is a great way to put thoughts and feelings which seem so large and overwhelming into the confines of small, unremarkable print. Seeing events, whether big or small, in words lets me look at them more objectively. Writing has the power to diffuse and explode things, a power I use frequently.

Read the interview. Buy the book. Have an awesome summer. Don’t ever change.

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