IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (21 Aug 08)

Padres @ Diamondbacks
6:40 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 735
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

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  1. Pretty lively in the old blog tonight! :-)

  2. Yeah. Webb vs. Reineke will do that…

  3. #1@Pat: Dog days of summer and the Padres are in the dog house. Not much left to say.

  4. well, we could always just talk about how great jody gerut is. Just checked gameday — I see he has not hit his nightly homer yet.

  5. Reineke looks like he has decent stuff.

  6. #5@JP: if he ends up being decent for a few years, I would be very happy with that trade.

    c’mon gooch

  7. Anyone know much about Mark DeMark at AA San Antonio ? He has pitched 18 scoreless innings since moving up to AA. Of course, like many Padres farmhands (even at the low levels), DeMark is no youngster at 25 years old.

  8. Here’s to next year!!!!!!

  9. Just got home from playing pool to see the team down 3-0.

  10. Now is when Reineke should come out.

  11. #7@JP: DeMark was signed out of the independant leagues last year I believe.

  12. I bet we’re all catching up with our loved ones this season. I’m watching Novelas and Netflix and eating dinner at the table instead of in front of the TV. I love the Padres but just as I was an early season doubter I think we may lose 100+. There’s nothing to be gained this year except bringing young ones up, seeing what they can do and hoping for the #1 draft pick. Is Gregg Jeffries available? I think his rookie card used to be very valuable. Don’t know what I meant by that other than that dude’s card was worth a lot for a short time. It would be nice to get a GOOD rookie who could stay in SD for a while.

  13. Nothing like travelling 7000 miles to watch the Padres get swept in person, although I would have never guessed that of Banks, Peavy and Reineke, Reineke would have the best pitching line in the series.

    At least I didn’t have to watch the D’Backs pitchers get their 1000th strike out of the season.

  14. #14@Sean Callahan: Where did you travel from?

  15. #15@LynchMob: Christchurch, New Zealand…