IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (12 Jun 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (29-38) vs Dodgers (31-34)
Jake Peavy vs Hiroki Kuroda
12:35 p.m. PT
no television
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

My latest article at Hardball Times deals with the limits of our knowledge and understanding in a baseball context. It’s a bit esoteric, even by my standards, but maybe you’ll enjoy it…

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Meanwhile, back at the ballpark, Peavy makes his first start since May 14. He’s 1-3 with a 4.71 ERA over his last five starts. Here’s hoping the rest will have done him some good. Go Padres!

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  1. Forgot the Pads were playing a day game… working for a living today… just checked the score… and I have a big smile on my face. Taking 2 out of 3 from the Dogs is a great way to start a road trip. Nicely done boys.
    ** Lynch Mob—- Randy Wolf is gold.

  2. #99@Kevin: very cute … thanks … anyone else collecting bRoBI’s this season? or might adrian be leading the majors in that category?

  3. There are not too many things that I like more than see the Pads whoop a little Dodger tail!

  4. The Dogs kinda mailed that one in … doncha think? Not that I mind …

  5. #105@SteveC- I’m with you on that one.

  6. Peavy improves to 5-3, 2.64: six shutout innings, three hits, four Ks, no walks. 72 pitches.

    Obviously, the addition of Peavy really helps the pitching staff.

    Of our 12 pitchers, I would say eight are ones I like seeing on the mound: Peavy, Maddux, Wolf, Banks, Hoffman, Bell, Adams, Corey.

  7. #103@LynchMob: All credit to Tom Waits on that one.

  8. #108@Kevin: The “other 4″ being Baek + Guevara + Hampson + Thatcher … one of them goes when CY comes back … another goes when Estes comes back?

    What’s the latest you’re hearing on CY?

  9. Question … when CY comes back, any chance they go to a 6-man rotation?

  10. #110@LynchMob: I think Towers said Young is just now playing catch.

    Another goes when Cameron comes back?

  11. #110@LynchMob: Thatcher was sent down. Meredith is the guy who is on the border right now as far as whether I want to see him on the mound. But he is usually in the “good” group.

  12. #110@LynchMob: Thatcher was sent down today when Peavy was activated, I would assume that Beak will go to the pen and Guevara will be sent down when CY comes back.

  13. So assuming Meredith is usually in the “good” group, that would mean 12 good pitchers when Young, Estes and Cameron come back. That’s also assuming guys like Estes, Banks, Adams and Corey can keep it up.

  14. #115@Kevin: If Banks keeps pitching the way he does I would imagine Estes may not have a job to come back to.

  15. #116@Steve C: Well, a bullpen job, right?

  16. #117@Kevin: Depends on if the like Beak more or not.

  17. How good has this starting staff been through 41% of the season ?
    Based on the quality of this starting staff I can’t imagine the Pads not being in this thing to the end !

  18. Having “12 good pitchers” is a nice thought … it’s valuable … it reminds me of the 2006 and 2007 Padres … hmmm … half a season of a full bully in a weak division … could that be enough to make the playoffs? Hmmm ….

  19. #117@Kevin: I gotta think so … I think Estes can be a positive contributor out of the pen … a guy who can “go long” if/when needed …

  20. Check out Josh Banks ERA+ as a Padre. Yes, it’s only 23 innings. But it’s CLOSE TO 1000!


  21. Dang, another post with a link eaten, and GY busy with the family.

    Anyway, if anyone wants to see a truly eye-popping number, check out Josh Banks’ ERA+ as a Padre. It’s only 23 innings, but it’s 972. Yes, his ERA+ is almost 1000!

  22. Padres 3rd round draft pick Sawyer Carroll was named by Baseball American as a 1st Team All-American. He hit .419/.514/.782 in the SEC with 19 HR’s and 12 stolen bases. He also drew 44 walks compared to 33 strikeouts in 234 at bats.

    The low strikeout total lead me to think he could maintain a very high batting average. He’s also already signed, and will hopefully be in Eugene on opening day.

  23. Gerut’s new line: .274/.354/.372

    Edgar: .322/.385/.424

    Giles: .304/.413/.444

    Adrian: .295/.358/.557

    McAnulty: .239/.374/.398

    There were five players in today’s lineup with on-base percentages of .350 or better.

    Greene and Carlin are in their for only their defense at this point. In Greene’s case, that’s not good.

    Kouzmanoff’s performance is puzzling.

  24. 2 other Padres draft picks (also outfielders) made All-American teams as well. Blake Tekotte from Miami (.357/470/.580) was a second team selection and Jason Kipnis from Arizona State (.371/.485/.667) was a third team pick. They also stole 26 and 24 bases respectively.

  25. #124@Brett: #126@Brett:
    Don’t forgot Musgrave on the 1st team!

  26. #125@Kevin:

    KG’s defensive #s not so hot so far or just that he’s an everyday player who’s so bad on O?

  27. #128@Stephen: Greene is first among NL shortstops in fielding Win Shares through June 5.

    Other than that, it’s 1:50 a.m. on the East Coast, and I’m drunk.

  28. Let’s hope Edgar Gonzalez continues to hit because if he does then we won’t have to watch Iguchi flail at curve balls in the dirt any longer.

    I’m done with “Gooch” and hopefully so is the Padres brass.