IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (10 Jun 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (28-37) vs Dodgers (30-33)
Greg Maddux vs Clayton Kershaw
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

The 20-year-old Kershaw makes his fourth big-league start. The 42-year-old Maddux makes his 721st. Only three pitchers in history have started more games: Don Sutton (756), Nolan Ryan (773), and Cy Young (815).

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  1. #1@LynchMob: The Dirk Hayhurt bubble bursts tonight … 7 hits and 7 ERs in 0.1 IP … ouch …

    Chase with a double + 2 walks … Antonelli with a hit (1-for-4) …

  2. #102@LynchMob: Uh, sorry for unintended puny typo … we seem to struggle getting Dirk Hayhurst’s name correct in these comments …

  3. Giles’ on-base is now .423.

  4. #78@Richard Wade: No problem as I was snippy as well.

  5. #78@Richard Wade: But Richard (and you may be long gone for the evening) KK’s SLG % and OPS ranks at the bottom for third baseman throughout the majors. So what I am reading wrong regarding the “stat lines”. I’ll catch you perhaps tomorrow.

  6. #106@JP: Straight SLG and OPS will always look worse for Padres because of Petco. But even with adjusted stats, Kouz doesn’t fare well. His EQA is 254, one tick below Jose Castillo’s. If we go to GPA by the Hardball Times, he’s dead-center among NL 3b.

    His splits are of great concern, like they were last year. He’s fattened up on LHP and starved against righties. I imagine his future relative to Headley is the cause of much discussion in the front office. If not, it sure should be.