IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (10 Jun 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (28-37) vs Dodgers (30-33)
Greg Maddux vs Clayton Kershaw
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

The 20-year-old Kershaw makes his fourth big-league start. The 42-year-old Maddux makes his 721st. Only three pitchers in history have started more games: Don Sutton (756), Nolan Ryan (773), and Cy Young (815).

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  1. Let’s get a friggen win for Maddux again. This is insane – the luck he’s had this season.

  2. Here’s one for you – our feared 5th place hit Kevin Kouzmanoff hasn’t hit a two bagger *double* since May16th. He only has 8 doubles for the year !

  3. #51@Oside Jon: Jon, what about the support (or lack of) Randy Wolf has received ?

  4. Nice peg by Hairston to nail Loney at the plate! Great job by Barrett to hold his ground.

  5. What a throw by Hairston ! Right on the money !

  6. Yet another QS for a Padres starter !

  7. #57@JP: Do we know that he has left the game?

  8. After KK walk – Matty V. ” – Good appearance by Kevin (Kouz)”.

    With all due respect Matty, none of Kershaw’s pitches were within a foot of the strike zone.

  9. #58@Kevin: Ahhh gotcha ! If he pitches the 7th and gives up 4 runs then it is not a QS. Unlikely but my pronoucement is premature.

  10. #53@JP: Through tonight’s plate appearances Kouzy is just a tick below average. Not what you want out of your third baseman, but he’s still our fifth best hitter among those with at least 100 PA.

  11. And the new pitcher comes bearing gifts.

  12. #61@Richard Wade: I agree that there are no better options which says a lot.

    Fifth best hitter on the worst hitting team in the majors.

  13. We got our point. Bullpen needs to take over for Maddux.

  14. Ugly at bat by Tony.

  15. #63@JP: Having your fifth best hitter relative to position be roughly league average isn’t really that bad.

  16. #62@Geoff Young: And more gifts !

    I smell another 2-1 victory !

  17. #66@Richard Wade: Can I borrow your rose colored glasses ? Have you taken a peek at Kouzmanoff’s power numbers ?

  18. #67@JP: Don’t jinx it.

  19. What is Huber doing out there? He knows he’s supposed to catch the ball, right?

  20. Someone has to catch that ball. That was just horrible.

  21. What will Clay deliever?

    1. Double play grounder.

    2. Thousand hop base hit.

    3. Bolt into next week.

  22. Poor Maddux.

  23. Poor Maddux.

  24. #68@JP: Feel free to learn how to read a stat line.

  25. Didn’t mean to double post. Sorry.

  26. Well, that’s just bad luck for Bell.

  27. #75@Richard Wade: That was just snippy. Disregard.

  28. When you give them four outs, bad things happen.

  29. Great, Huber’s inability to catch a baseball has cost us the lead. Martin never should have batted this inning.

  30. I’d be pissed off if I were Maddox right now.

  31. Ladies and gentlemen, how not to play baseball.

  32. Why is Huber still even on the team again? It makes no sense that Headley is still in AAA while Huber is wasting a roster spot.

  33. Wouldn’t it be logical to put in a real outfielder instead of a converted catcher/first basemen in the late innings of a close ball game?

    Blame this game on Bud (with an assist to Huber)…or maybe the other way around?

  34. Did the Dodgers hit one ball hard that inning?

  35. OMG, OG got on!

  36. Giles’ 50th single of the year there.

  37. #86@Turbine Dude: He only does that about 43% of the time.

  38. Nice play at third. A-Gon was robbed.

  39. That was hit harder than anything the Dodgers hit in the previous half inning.

  40. The Padres show how, not to play defense, and the Dodgers show, how to play defense.

  41. #88@Richard Wade: My point being, he shouldn’t have that time. The Dogs screwed up.

  42. #92@Turbine Dude: Not a great deal more than on any other hit. If he’s not hustling down the line, he’s out anyway.

  43. That was one sweet dp!

  44. Even if they lose, that has to be the play of the game!

  45. Nice moving screen by Adrian to keep Broxton from “running” toward first base… Okay, now Huber decides to catch the ball.

  46. So much for our winning streak. I think I need to go to bed now. Maybe we’ll get ‘em tomorrow.

  47. Oh crap. Glad I missed the carnage. Just turning on TV I could tell by Matt V’s voice we were down….Maddux gets worked by the rest of the team again. Always tomorrow. Or a comeback?

  48. I am very impressed by Thatcher’s performance.

  49. E-3 is the right call there. Adrian has to come off the bag.