IGD: Padres @ Rockies (30 Jun 08)

Padres @ Rockies
6:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 741
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. 91: From Baseball America draft site:

    If a team doesn’t sign a pick in the first or second round, it gets a pick in essentially the same slot in the next draft. Unsigned picks beyond that drew no compensation.

    An example is the Braves this year got a pick at #70 for failing to sign their pick last year. So, they got to pick #70 this year even though by order #70 should have gone to the Phillies. The Phillies then picked at #71 which made the second round this year a 31-pick round instead of 30 with the Braves picking at #64 and #70.

    Hope this helps.

  2. #101@Didi: I thought it was the other way around — the comp pick came after the real pick.

    If the Padres were seriously concerned about Dykstra’s injury history it might actually make sense to not sign him. They are already going to have a top 3 pick (most likely) next season, it would be really sweet to have 2 of the top 23 picks next season.

  3. 101: Weird. This comes after the paragraph about the first two rounds.

    Unsigned third-round picks will merit a supplemental pick between the third and fourth rounds next year. The hope from MLB’s perspective is that teams will be more willing to walk away from a draft pick (and high bonus) if they know they will get an equivalent pick the next year, though that did not prove to be the case last year.

  4. 102: You are right. It’s the other way around. ATL picked at #69 in 2007.

  5. The more I think about it, the more I think the Padres won’t sign Dykstra. I mean, why bother? The only reason to sign him now is because you can probably get him to take a smaller bonus. Otherwise, since you get a pick in the same spot next season — and I don’t think anyone thought this was a particularly deep draft — the chances of getting a better player (with less flaws) are probably higher.

  6. The Padres wrapped a Win for Harry’s birthday. It’s his 51st.
    Happy one, Pepe!

  7. Heath Bell is good.

    Using win shares, since the beginning of 2007, only Saito has been a better reliever, and just by a hair. That includes the AL. Nathan is just behind Bell.

  8. #105@Schlom: It is odd, there is nothing in the system that forces anyone to negotiate in good faith. You can take someone off the board with no intent of signing them and you get your pick back.

  9. Edgar Gonzalez update: .325/.376/.480

    That’s one Padres move that has worked out this season. So far.

    Giles: .308/.404/.447

    Adrian: .287/.357/.530

  10. From AP:

    Padres RHP Chris Young hand surgery Monday to correct a deviated septum and repair his nasal fracture. Young suffered a nasal fracture and laceration when he was hit with a line drive off the bat of St. Louis’ Albert Pujols on May 21. … Padres manager Bud Black celebrated his 51st birthday Monday.

  11. #108@Field39: Especially in a weak draft. If that had this rule in 2004, nearly every team would have been better off passing on their pick until the 2005 Draft. You probably don’t want to do it if you are in the top 4 or 5 picks but it might make sense lower down in the draft.

  12. 108: Why would it? A team won’t pick a draftee that high without intention to sign him. I just wish the Padres had made the necessary legwork that would have uncovered Dykstra’s hip condition.

  13. #110@Kevin: The typo “hand” scared me for a second.

  14. #114@Kevin: Don’t forget to send them a check.

  15. #78@LynchMob: Germano looked like Germano. The Huber home run was an absolute bomb. I thought he got under it too much, but the ball just kept carrying and went out to deep left-center. Dude is some kind of strong.

    Lots of pix, but no time to post. Another long drive today, Emeralds tonight…

  16. I went to the game on monday in Denver. EGon’s homer in the first went a mile high. I did not think it was going to be close, but it just kept sailing. The Pads could have had more runs! Rox pitching was ridiculous. After the game, I shook Kouz’s hand and congratulated him on a good game. He was out talking to fans at the end of a game late last year, too. Maybe because it is his “home town.” Good guy.