IGD: Padres vs Rockies (9 May 08)

Jake PeavyPadres (12-23) vs Rockies (14-21)
Jake Peavy vs Aaron Cook

7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

Depending on how you choose to view the world, you can look at the weekend series against Colorado in one of two ways:

  1. At least the Rockies made it to the World Series.
  2. At least the Padres aren’t trying to defend the National League title.

Neither option is terribly appealing. Oh well…

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  1. This is getting ugly.

  2. May have been a good idea to walk Helton.

  3. #52@Turbine Dude: Or not…

  4. #51@Field39: NOW it’s getting ugly.

  5. $^%$&^ another night another loss

  6. Just terrible luck for Jake tonight… little flair over Gooch, then a little 87-hopper seeing-eye single.

    Of course, when you’re offense is as bad as ours, those seem like grand slams.

  7. #56@Richard D.: The two walks didn’t help.

  8. Well that’s the way it goes this year, apparently.

  9. Re 47: Proven? Tony LaRussa might disagree, as would Billy Beane. So batting your high OBP. speedster 8th, your pitcher in the cleanup spot and your power hitter leadoff would yield the same results as a traditional lineup?

    One only needs to look at how the philosophy of putting together a winning team has changed in the past twenty years to understand that very little has been proven in baseball. I don’t know whether you consider Khalil Greene part of the “horrible” half of the lineup that the statistics-crazy brain trust of the Padres put together, but there is a clear reason why he isn’t batting in the top half of the order.

  10. Here is a typical Padre situation. Two on, no outs, and this will end up a DP.

  11. #59@Koo: I’m not saying some ways of filling out a lineup aren’t better than others. There are.

    But every extensive study, like the ones by Bill James, have said that if you put the lineup in any order, a team will score amount of runs over the course of a season.

  12. They can get the runners on, but can’t do anything with it.

  13. Riddiculous… how freaking FAT was that pitch to Kouz, up in the zone, over the middle… how the hell does he get on top of that and beat it into the ground?

    Man, I need to stop caring about this year’s team… when do pitchers and catchers report to camp in ’09?

  14. #59@Koo: Many things have been proven in the past 20 years and beyond in baseball.

  15. #62@Kevin: the same amount of runs, I mean.

  16. I hope there are more changes comng soon, this team is flat out horrible.

  17. Just for the sake of argument, but would Kouz have seen a first pitch slider after the walk to Iguchi if AGon was batting behind him? And to go a step further, would Kouz have swung at the first pitch slider?

  18. #68@Koo: Maybe. But over the course of a season, it wouldn’t matter. Lineup protection, except in extreme cases like Barry Bonds batting ahead or in front of another batter, is largely a myth.

  19. How does Gerut look at the plate tonight?

  20. #68@Koo: That’s like asking the man who’s wearing two watches for the time.

  21. #70@Koo: Nervous.

  22. Rouch almost threw that into right field. Luckily AGon was able to grab it.

  23. Quintenilla made one hell of a play to got Greene! Holy crap Cha Cha!

  24. Will they ever win another game?

  25. Please let this be Rusch’s final appearance in a Padre uniform.

  26. That has to be the final nail in G.Rusch’s Padre’s coffin.

  27. re #71

    My point is that a pitcher can afford to get behind in the count with a curve or a slider if the guy hitting next poses little threat. If AGon is up next, I don’t want to be behind in the count. If I miss on my slider first pitch, I have to come in with a fastball next pitch — not what I want to do. I don’t necessarily mind getting behind Iguchi with AGon next, though. Although he is a patient hitter, he isn’t going to beat me with a bomb, so I can start him off with an off-speed pitch and come back with a fastball 1-0, 2-0, and not worry. Kouz scares me a little more.

  28. When you are a big time star like Rush, you don’t cover first base.

  29. far fetched prediction : The Pads send down Thatcher, outright Rusch and bring up Portland Beaver Edwin Moreno.

  30. I may have given up on this season, but I haven’t given up on the Padres nor the love of the game.

  31. The Padres are 3-21 on balls in play. This is easy to do when you hit two line drives all game.

  32. Greene got a gratuitous (sp?) call on that turn at second. He was now where near the bag.

  33. Iguchi has great hands and turns a sweet double play but his range seems to be average at best – I have never seen a stretch where so many bloopers,grounders, line drives are just out of his reach.

  34. 1 run on 3 hits…welcome home padres. Nice to see you haven’t changed since you were here last.

  35. This season feels so “Major League II w/Randy Quade” with us all showing up and them always losing.

    Nice HR for Kouz. Those just aren’t happening at the right times.

  36. #86@Turbine Dude: Agreed…. a meaningless HR in the 9th doesn’t make-up for his GIDP’s earlier.

  37. No singles for the Padres tonight. They needed more hits like the Rockies had in the 6th.

  38. #86@Turbine Dude: I believe the appropriate term is, “Back up the truck.”

  39. #89@Field39: How about “lets get the bulldozers in here and turn this place into a parking lot.”

  40. #89@Field39: Mabey if Black made the team watch that movie, it would give them some sort of inspiration. A little voodoo in the locker room.

  41. I must be distraught to mispell the word ‘maybe.’

  42. Get rid of Merideth for a left hander.

  43. Scott Brocail is having a good year so far in Houston. Really good numbers actually.

  44. Can we get the preseason predictions up on Edmonds? Maybe GY posted it and I missed it tonight…..been away from TV and internet.

  45. #75@Field39:

    I posted a day or two ago that they would finish the season at 12-150, and nobody responded.

    To answer your question- No, they will NEVER win another game.

  46. #94@JP:

    Is Scott Brocail the son of Doug Brocail?

  47. #93@Turbine Dude:

    If they swap Meredith for anything other than a prospect, I will blow up Petco. We need a lefty like we need a fucking hole in the head.

    Accumulate as much young talent as possible, sift throught it to figure out which of the kids can play, and ONLY THEN MAKE A RUN AT THE REST OF THE DIVISION. I am not interested in perpetual “above-averagedness”. I want to win a gawdamned World Series before I die!!!!

  48. No, brothers but he was talking about Doug