IGD: Padres @ Cubs (15 May 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (15-26) @ Cubs (24-16)
Greg Maddux vs Ryan Dempster
11:20 a.m. PT
no television
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

The Padres showed some good fight at the end of Wednesday evening’s game. Unfortunately they spent much of the early part digging themselves into a deep, dark hole. Still, I liked the matchup of Brian Giles against Kerry Wood with the bases juiced in the ninth. Too bad it didn’t work out for us this time. Oh well, we turn the page…

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The Cubs have signed Jim Edmonds and he will be in uniform for Thursday’s game. He looks as done as anyone this side of David Wells, but maybe it was just a matter of coming back from injury too soon. With the Padres’ luck, Edmonds will return to 2004 form and cause us all to second guess our second guessing…

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  1. #146@SDSUBaseball: With his knees I’d feel more comfortable with him in a corner. He does seem to be hitting balls hard and having good at-bats.

    A 2009 OF of Gerut/DeJesus/Giles, with OG going to left if Gerut can handle RF, seems like a good way to win more games.

  2. #150@Tom Waits: Even so, his BABIP is much lower than its usual .265 range. His LD rate is also the second highest of his career. So it seems like this could turn the corner at some point.

    Of course, he would have to make contact for this to happen.

    Would anyone do this move (would KC do it?): CY & corner OF propsect (Veneable?) for Bannister and DeJesus?

  3. #149@Phantom: I wish I was going to Seattle…one of my favorite cities. Plus, I would love to catch a game with you.

    While at Safeco, see if you can watch them open/shut the roof…that is pretty cool. I really like that ballpark. It has good sight lines, fans similar to SD, and is very pretty.

    While you are in Seattle, try to grab a meal at “The Brooklyn”, especially if you like Salmon or Oysters…

  4. #147@Phantom: Its hard not to get upset in the IGD when Greene strikes out. I dont think it is brought up as much in regular discussion. He is not the only problem with our offense so far, but he has been the biggest. But you are right, if we want a better bat we will probably lose some with the glove.

  5. #153@Coronado Mike: I don’t recall off-hand where our seats are for both games, but I think we have damn good seats for tomorrow night’s affair.

    I wonder if they’ll do like AZ and keep the roof open till just before the game to keep the temperature nice. Of course, it’s not routinely 100 degrees in Seattle.

    I know we’re gonna hit the fish market and the Space Needle. The big stop I insisted on was dinner at the Pyramid Ale House before the game tomorrow.

  6. #151@Tom Waits: That assumes that the FO wont make the mistake of making Headley the starting LF. I wouldnt mind that OF. If thats the case, at least you know Gerut can play CF if DeJesus needs a day or gets hurt.

  7. #152@Phantom: Bannister worries me way too much. He’s obviously bright as all get out.

    I’d do any two of these pitchers (LeBlanc, Geer, Garrison) and Venable or Meredith.

  8. #156@SDSUBaseball: Thats what I was thinking> I don’t think Giles will be a Padre in Sept 08 let alone April 09. I think the FO would rather pay Guret and Headly league minimum than pay Giles 9 mil.

  9. #157@Tom Waits: I know that Bannister has some pretty ugly peripherals, but he seems to get the job done. I don’t think we’d be able to pry away a guy like Greinke, especially since he’s shown signs of life this year.

    So you’d go 3 for 1 to get just DeJesus?

  10. #155@Phantom: Seattle is a fun town, its nice to just walk around if the weather isnt bad. Pyramid is definitely a good call.

  11. 149. Plenty of options in Seattle … assuming we’re talking drinks here? As a native Northwest guy I would recommend: Black Bottle in Belltown, Tiny Bigs near Seattle Center, Pesos (good foot, drink and scenery) near Seattle Center. Coffee at Cafe Ladro. Elysian Fields just north of the stadium on first is a good place to go after the game, much better than Pyramid.

  12. Do you guys think Inman will get a look in 09? he should be headed up to PDX in June or July if he continues to do well could he fill the Pads 5th starters spot in 09?

  13. #152@Phantom: I don’t think the Royals would do that one. I’m guessing they would feel Bannister for Young would be a wash so it would basically be DeJesus for Venable, which I’m not sure is an equal trade at this point. What if they offered DeJesus for Venable and LeBlanc or Inman?

  14. #163@JMAR: I would probably do it for LeBlanc. Not so sure about Inman, as he seems to have more upside than anyone else in Portland at this point.

    The biggest problem I have is that I really am wholly unfamiliar with KC’s system. I’ve got no concept of what their needs are.

  15. #164@Phantom: I was hoping the Padres would be able to pry away Nate McLouth from the Pirates. They have a need at 3B (Jose Bautista is currently their 3B, we have two good 3B’s) and they have depth in CF (Andrew McCutchen is one of their top prospects). Unfortunately, McLouth’s value is skyrocketing and Kouz’s value has taken a dip, so that’s not happening.

  16. Gees, when did the Cubs pickup Don Drysdale, Sandy Kofaux and Rolli Ringers. I missed that.

  17. #159@Phantom: I don’t see Geer having much real value to the Padres, and if he’s the surcharge to get a starting CF for the next 3 seasons, no problem.

    It’s 2 marginal / replaceable players (Venable, the pitchers besides LeBlanc including the reliever) and 1 real prospect for 3 years of a player who has been an above-average CF. Yeah, I make that deal.

  18. #167@Tom Waits: Works for me. I know that the org is “high” on both LeBlanc and Veneable, but I’m also curious to know what their actual assessments of them are. In other words, I don’t know how much of the love thrown their way is legit.

  19. Our outfield situation still scares the crap out of me. Get Headley up here, now ! Let’s see what the kid can do.

  20. #167@Tom Waits: I’d be fine with Geer and Venable for DeJesus. Venable and Meredith/Leblanc would be harder for me to do, but I would probably do it. I’d really like to see Leblanc make a ML start for the Padres though.

    Inman is tearing apart AA this year.

  21. Gerut is perfect for a 5th outfielder role, but are we really going to watch this guy get 40 to 50 starts in center ? Can it get much worse than this? McAnulty, Huber and Hairston as the other guys platooning for the other spots…..can it get much worse ? The Giants basically ran a try out camp in 2007 for their young guys…we need to do the same.

  22. #170@SDSUBaseball: I would like to see Venable get a decent size “look-see” this year.

  23. #171@JP: Ha 40 to 50? prob more like 100 unless the Pads plan on trading for someone.

  24. Is Kouz not capable of playing the OF…? I mean if we will throw Russell Branyan and Blum in LF, why cant we try Kouz out there. Headley is more valuable at 3B and I would rather not see him join the ML club as an OF. If we are going to convert an IF to an OF shouldnt we keep the better 3B at 3B because both would probably be equally below average defensively in the OF.

  25. #171@JP: I think Gerut could be a could CF/LF. I dont see the point in bringing up Headley to play the OF. If Venable is healthy, I wouldnt mind seeing him.

  26. #173@Steve C: Yeah Steve. Sad ain’t it ?

  27. #175@SDSUBaseball: Small sample, but seeing Gerut play has made me a little more of a believer in him as a legit. major league backup. but very soon it will be very embarrassing for the org. to see him penciled in as the center field on a daily basis.

  28. I have NEVER in 35 years of watching the game -seen such a punchless team strike out so much.

  29. I can’t see how the Padres cannot call up Chase Headley within the next week.

  30. Gerut made a damn good catch robbing Blanco and saving a run. Chicago announcers both agreed that it was the best catch they have seen this year at Wrigley. I think it is safe to say that Gerut does not embarass himself in center by any means.

  31. Edmonds 7LOB 1st game as a Cubbie. Didn’t have that problem in SD.

  32. It’s been quite well documented on this blog but just having gone through the junkyards (rosters) of what has been AAA Padre baseball – Portland 2002-2007 — it almost makes me sick. I think that it should not surprise us that the well has run dry.

  33. Well, it looks like our future is going to be getting strategic PT to guys for next year. The only way this team competes next year is some of our talent develops to expectations, Kouz develops, and they pony up some big dollars on two key FA for next year. If that happens we could be competitive next year.

    We don’t have the talent to do the DBacks where the team is very good, built on young, cheap talent without almost any FA types. I mean who is drafting for those guys and why can’t we get them?

    The farm is going to give us some pieces, we have some pieces but we are going to have to buy the rest. I just hope the team does not think it can be the next Dbacks, therefore askew big FA deals in favor of trying to do everything homegrown. That will take too long.

  34. #183@jay: Great analysis. We can play it ‘half way’ – develop a few from the Farm and sign some strategic FA’s.

    Headley hit another blast tonight.

  35. Myrow. Don’t you almost have to get him up here as well or move him. I mean, the guy is brutalizing PAC League pitching…..

  36. This continues to be a crappy season. That’s all.

  37. Having said that, I’m still excited to see how this season ends up.

  38. #179@JP: Towers said last week they aren’t anytime soon, so they aren’t.

    Expect him in about two months.