IGD: Padres @ Cubs (13 May 08)

ToastPadres (14-25) @ Cubs (23-15)
Shawn Estes vs Jon Lieber
5:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

Sorry I couldn’t find a more recent photo of Estes…

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  1. Cla was outstanding tonight as he has been all of May. He’s only given up 2 runs (1 earned) in 12.2 innings since he gave up 4 runs in only 1 inning on April 16 vs. Colorado.

  2. Cubs fans trying to grab a fair ball.

  3. #26@Schlom: The more politically correct thing to say is what you#46@Tom Waits:Would you start Edgar Gonzalez again tomorrow or Thursday ?

  4. #26@Schlom: Sorry –The more politically correct thing to say is exactly how you stated it re: Estes “highly improbability that Estes will perform well is unlikely” -Instead of saying, I am as guilty as anyone, he is bad or sucks or is toast” maybe we say “it’s unlikely that Estes will perform well” That’s how we do it on the more civilized West Coast not like they do it in Philly !

  5. Does anyone else see Bell as being Trevor’s cemented replacement in the future?

  6. Cubs announcers said that bell will probably close in the near future for the Pads…speculating that this may be Trevor’s final year…

    If the bully holds, did you know this is Estes’ 100 win?
    And is Bell only throwing “High-80′s” as the Cubs’ announcers claim?

  7. The guy behind the plate is my favorite umpire. His strike three calls are awesome.

    The Cubs’ announcers don’t have a very good scouting report on Heath Bell. They said his fastball sits in the upper 80s and isn’t very overpowering.

  8. Now I’m a Cali kid and all but it looks like it’s pouring pretty good. Why do they insist on playing? Not supposed to stop anytime soon?

  9. I HATE free passes…especially when we are up by a run.

    Please get this GB Bell…please.

  10. #56@Coronado Mike: Nope. Gameday has him 92-94, so about normal, maybe down a little because of the rain.

  11. I will take the K…

    Way to throw the “Laser Beam” fastball…

  12. #60@Ben B.: Thanks. That makes me feel better.

    And way to close out the 8th Heath.

    I am going to say it…


    Hoping for some good Karma here.

  13. Outside of Dempster and Zambrano, do the Cubs have all that impressive of a starting rotation ?

  14. #54@JP: Yes, as I said I’m not opposed to picking up pitchers to one year deals and then hoping they do well so that you could either trade him or let him walk and get a draft pick (although that’s a lot harder now with the new rules). The question is why Shawn Estes? At least two years ago he was only 33, now he’s 35 and hasn’t been good for 7 years. That’s why I was in favor of signing Kyle Lohse — he’s 29 and a flyball pitcher so his chances of being good this season in Petco Park are high.

    Signing Estes (and pitching him) certainly is the dumbest thing ever — I think trading for Adam Eaton and giving up a better, younger and cheaper pitcher is certainly worse — but it’s not exactly the smartest move in the world.

  15. #62@Coronado Mike: Trevor warming up right now.

  16. The Pads need to move Tony Clark for a marginal prospect and bring up Myrow for the same role.

  17. I’m still getting nervous when Trevor comes in. Can’t help it.

  18. #67@Turbine Dude: At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever not get nervous when he comes in again.

  19. #67@Turbine Dude: Me too, but I am trying to be better about it.

    Also, I will smile when the Cubs announcers say that Trevor is “quite possibly the best conditioned athlete in all of professional sports.”

    Wow…that is quite a compliment…not sure I agree, but I will take it!

  20. #69@Coronado Mike: Trevor’s stuff looks good tonight!

  21. WGN had that strike 3 pitch at 86…nice.


  22. c’mon Hoffy, get it done

  23. YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!! Nice.

  24. 3 wins in the last 4 games!!

  25. Big win ! New guys are contributing !

  26. WE WIN!!!

    Estes picks up the W….

    Trevor with the Save….

    All is right with the world now…

    I can enjoy my pre-birthday cigar with a smile on my face tonight.

  27. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ‘BOUT. That’s a good win right there. Peavy tomorrow, right?

  28. Love shutting down that ravenous crowd thus preventing them from singing that stupid “Cubs win” tonight.

  29. #76@Coronado Mike: Regardless of a few failings of Edgar Gonzales tonight, I’m glad to see him on this team.

  30. That looked more like the last few years. Acceptable starting pitching, a 3 run bomb, and a really impressive bullpen. All three relievers looked great, especially Trevor there in the 9th. Got ahead of the hitters and only left one pitch up which was off-speed enough to fool Ward so he couldn’t get good wood on it.

  31. #64@Schlom: You keep asking a simple question (Why Estes?) … and I think I’ve answered it before … I’ll try again … my guess is that the Padres are giving Estes a chance more based on observing him pitch in practice and in spring training and for AAA Portland than based upon his recent performace/statistics. Those stats are not going to change, so neither is your argument that he has not been a good pitcher for many years. I think we all know that and concede that part of the argument. What I don’t concede is that the Padres may have based their decision to sign him and their decision to give him a start upon their “scouting reports”.

    Is that an acceptable answer to your question?

  32. Trevor is toast, move him out of the closer role!

    Oh, wait, nevermind. :-) Great win tonight, seems like one they should have given away somehow.

  33. #66@JP: I agree 100%. I’d be content with moving Clark for nothing.

    #81@LynchMob: Some people just get off on flogging dead horses.

  34. #13@Pat: I plan on showing Estes the toast so as to further motivate him.

  35. #82@Flash: I’m probably a spokesman for the “Trevor is Toast” club … but, to be clear, I’ve never advocated “move him out of the closer role” … as it’s clear to me that the Padres do not have a pitcher currently obviously capable of doing better in the closer role (though it’s sounding like Heath Bell is getting his velocity back up to 94+?) … and so my definition of “Trevor is Toast” is that he would be successful in less than 80% of his outings rather than his traditional greater than 80% of his outings.

    So far in May, he’s 2-for-2 … 100% … and the cynic in my observes the following …

    – his first save in May came on 11 days rest
    – his second save in May came facing the 7/8/9 hitters in a wet lineup

    The uber-silly cynic in me wonders if the Padres are keeping their team talent down so they will have fewer save situations so that Trevor gets more rest between outings … think about, if the team sucks, the “Trevor Problem” goes away ;-)

  36. #82@Flash: I am telling you Hoffy could be an effective reliever in the big leagues for another 3 years. Would he -ever- accept more of a bullpen by committee role ?

  37. NO WAY is Trevor toast !! Let’s have a real debate on whether he is toast in the Fall of 2010.

  38. #81@LynchMob: If you (and the Padres FO) think that 10 horrible innings in spring training and 35 average innings in the minors is more indicative then the past five years then I don’t know what to say.

    Does that mean you think that Ryan Ludwick is going to be an All-Star and possible MVP? And that Cliff Lee is going to have the greatest pitching season ever?

    Using that reason the Padres might as well trade Greene and Bard right now as well as maybe Chris Young. Who cares about their past history since they’ve sucked this year?

  39. Was anyone watching the postgame show? Scan answered my question and mentioned the DS blog. Very cool.

  40. #88@Schlom: You really seem to be missing my point … I totally agree and understand that his performance / stats have been *BAD* *BAD* *BAD* … I actually totally agree that he sucks … but I’m trying to answer your question (Why have the Padres given Estes a chance, a start?) … and it sure seems to me to be because of what they *SEE*. And you know what? I’ve seen him pitch 2 times in 2008 (once @ Peoria and once @ Portland) … and he has looked OK … thru 5 innings. Now I’m *not* a scout … and 2 outings is almost the ultimate in “small sample size” … but I’m guessing that the Padres have had professional talent evaluators watching him pitch in practice, in spring training, and in AAA games … and I’m guess they’ve liked something they have *SEEN*. That’s all I’m trying to say …

    I’m with you … I think they are wrong … but what they are doing seems reasonable and based on more information than I have at my disposal …

  41. #89@Turbine Dude: What question? And what was his answer? (ie. I was not watching the postgame show)

  42. The great savior Kyle Lohse has been getting hammered as of late. His ERA is now hovering around 5.

  43. #85@LynchMob: In related news, Mariano Rivera got ding’d trying to pitch a 2nd inning tonight … http://tinyurl.com/6n22gn

  44. Farm Report Preview … HR’s tonight from Blanks (#3 @ AA) and Headley (#4 @ AAA) :-)

  45. #94@LynchMob: And Latos with a good (albeit short) outing at Ft Wayne (4 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 3 K)

  46. #90@LynchMob: Here’s the thing, doesn’t it scare you that the Padres are picking up one of, if not the worst, pitchers in baseball hoping on the slim to none chance that he does well enough that they can trade him for a low level prospect? That just described the Pittsburgh Pirate team building philosophy.

    Pitching Estes means they aren’t trying to win. His only “strength” is that he’s fairly cheap. I can understand trying to get something out of Germano — he’s young enough that he actually has some potential and trade value. Estes has neither.

  47. #91@LynchMob: LM, Bob and I have been e-mailing back and forth for a couple of weeks now. Most of which is beyond a 60 second answer. So, tonight I sent him a question we all know the answer to. ” Bob, just curious. How much does the FO weigh into factor a crowd favorite player vs. trading them or extending a contract? ie. If Greene (a big crowd favorite) was put on the block, what impact does that affect a teams decision?”
    He spent about a minute on this and gave my name and the noted the DS blog. Very cool.

  48. * The price for McLouth, Nady, and Bay has gone up quite a bit from March. The price for Crisp has also risen. I would have traded LeBlanc & Headley in March for Crisp -which I know is a divergent and unpopular opinion. Now I am not sure the Bosox would do this trade.

    * Rangers gave up Edinson Volquez to get Josh Hamilton. I wonder if Padres management could have landed Hamilton for less than what the pitching starved Rangers sacrificed ?

    * Former Padre Ramon Vasquez is on fire ! Small sample but he is sporting a .940 OPS in 70 PA’s.

  49. Another thing, they gave up on Jim Edmonds after 103 plate appearances. And his overall and recent track record is way better then Shawn Estes’. So how many innings are they going to give Estes? Does he get one bad start and he’s gone? Or are they going to give him multiple opportunities?

  50. #99@Schlom: I do not think he gets multiple opportunities if he fails. Why would he be any different than any other pitcher on the fringe ?