IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (4 Apr 08)

Justin GermanoPadres (3-1) vs Dodgers (2-1)
Justin Germano vs Hideki Kuroda
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

Battlestar Galactica finally returns tonight. I’m told that Jeff Kent is not the 12th Cylon, but with that show, you never know.

Japanese import Hideki Kuroda makes his North American debut for the Dodgers. I sat next to some guys the other day who kept repeating Tadahito Iguchi‘s name and laughing hysterically — first time they’d been able to cut loose since the lobotomies. With Kuroda on the mound, no doubt they’ll be twice as hilarious.

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  1. can’t walk the bases loaded and expect to get out of it…

  2. First manager mistake of the year… Buddy stayed with Thatcher too long there.


  3. I don’t think we’ll see Thatcher on the mound for a couple of weeks…at least I hope not

  4. I would be happy never to see Russell Martin again.

  5. Bud just sacraficed the game, trying to give Thatcher some confidence.

  6. Also notable about the walks: they were to the Dodgers’ three worst hitters!

  7. Come on Rusch, hold the score

  8. unbelievable

  9. Hey, another run that scores as a direct result of a walk.

  10. well..this sucks..

  11. It’s getting comical. Giving away free runs at PetCo

  12. Love those southpaws in the bullpen.

  13. it’s free run night in San Diego


  15. sarcasm off…

  16. That inning sucked, but the Padres shouldn’t even have been in the position of using guys like Thatcher and Rusch. Kuroda is going to be an Irabu type bust and the fact they only have two hits off him is the real problem. This guy wasn’t an elite pitcher in Japan, he shouldn’t be shutting down major league batters.

  17. Well this is depressing to come home to… Almost makes me glad that my internet (that I signed up for specifically so that it would start working once the baseball season started up again) still isn’t working thanks to AT&T’s crummy tech support.

  18. I approve of allowing a hit to Juan Pierre. If we’re going to lose, in doing so we might as well promote poor roster usage by the Dodgers.

  19. Hey, over the course of the year… the bullpen will totally collapse a handful of times.. whaddya gonna do..

    To quote mark Grant, “Hang With ‘em” and go get ‘em tomorrow.

  20. Our ‘pen doesnt look too great this year. Pretty much everyone who has come out of the pen has had a POOR performance.

  21. Just got home from the game. I hope we can do better tommorow. We still had a lot fun tonight.

  22. Not just the pen looking poor tonite. Only 4 hits on the offensive side too. Germano had a good outing. Otherwise…piss poor.

  23. Estes threw six innings of shut out ball in Portland tonight.

  24. Middle reliefe is lacking.

  25. I liked Justin’s outing. Looking forward to tommorow’s game.

  26. 42: I charted Kuroda’s pithes from the third inning on, and he unquestionably has three major-league calibre out-pitches (sinker, slider, splitter). He had tremendous command of all three tonight, in addition to throwing what looked like a four-seam on occasion, as well as something that resembled a change or a curve, if only as a show-me.

    Mostly, he threw the FB-splitty-slider combo from 82 to 94 MPH (mostly sitting from 86-91), and generally threw with excellent location and good movement. the splitter had outstanding downward movement, and his slider rides in on righties more than all but a few sliders I’ve seen.

    I’ve only seen him once, but if he can throw like this on a regular basis he’s gonna be a front-of-the-rotation guy.