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Kouz and Kent

While playing with the PI tool at Baseball-Reference over the weekend I stumbled onto something kind of interesting. Have you ever noticed how similar the first three seasons of Kevin Kouzmanoff’s career (through Sunday, at least) are to those of Jeff Kent? Jeff Kent and Kevin Kouzmanoff, Ages 24 – 26 Player Years PA BA [...]

Those Who Snooze Don’t Always Lose

We were walking west along J Street, just past Fire Station 4, when the crowd erupted. Cardinals fans seem to travel with their team, so we assumed that the visiting team had extended its seemingly insurmountable 2-0 lead. I was in a lousy mood before we even got to the ballpark — I forget why, [...]

IGD: Padres vs Dodgers (4 Apr 08)

Padres (3-1) vs Dodgers (2-1) Justin Germano vs Hideki Kuroda 7:05 p.m. PT Channel 4SD AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184 MLB, B-R Battlestar Galactica finally returns tonight. I’m told that Jeff Kent is not the 12th Cylon, but with that show, you never know. Japanese import Hideki Kuroda makes his North American debut for [...]

Brock2 Projections for Eight Rising Stars

Once again, I’ve been playing with Bill James’ Brock2 player projection system. Thought I’d take a look at some young, up-and-coming hitters and see what the future might hold for them. As always, bear in mind that even James acknowledged that this system is more of a toy than a tool. But it’s a heckuva [...]