IGD: Padres @ Astros (21 Apr 08)

Justin GermanoPadres (9-10) @ Astros (7-12)
Justin Germano vs Roy Oswalt
5:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

Oswalt is off to a terrible start, although he did well in his last start (which made Lisa happy). Me? I could use more of the terrible version right about now…

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  1. Surely one more bad start wouldn’t be too much to ask of Oswalt, no? It’ll just make his season story all that much more exciting when he comes back after *4* bad starts, rather than 3. (Especially if the following good starts happen to be against teams with names like D’backs, Dodgers or Rockies per se.)

  2. now geoff honey,

    we JUST lost our second best pitcher and this team is ALREADY suckulous enough. we do NOT need roy to suck again.

    besides, you got peavy going tomorrow and brandon backe has not been Playoff Brandon.

    of course, if the game is nationally televised, brandon gonna give mr cy young a run for his money…

    oh yeah, and our “closer” who i’m gonna nickname “ulcer” has a very good chance of scrfewing up any victory, so you really don’t need to curse poor ol roy…

  3. Paul McAnulty fans can be happy, he’s starting in LF tonight and batting 2nd. Iguchi is moved down to the 8th spot.

  4. Not a good start. Oswalt with the 6 pitch inning and then the leadoff walk (which of course turned into a SB) to Bourn. I guess you know it’s not going to be your night when you walk .211 hitting Michael Bourn to lead off the game.

  5. This can’t be happening.

  6. Unfortunately, the leadoff walk was the good part of the inning.

  7. On the road again and watching mlbtv. I hate having to listen to the other announcers. These are Astros announcers right? Or MLB’s own? Germano is getting hammered.

  8. Is it still too early to panic?

  9. Geoff B(l)um and Brad Ausmus will be coming up soon … so that seems like 2 outs right there … if not, well, not evening panic’ing can/will help …

  10. I don’t think this is what’s in store when Phantom mentioned that Germano might be able to pitch like Maddux. Justin seems to think it’s great to repeat Maddux start in AZ. Yuck!

    What’s with the 6 pitch inning from Oswalt? P-Mac, you dog. This is your chance. Get it and hit. Geez!

  11. 5-0 with no one out. That sucks. :(

  12. 9: So much for that out from Silent L.
    OK, Justin, we got it. Now stop mimicking Maddux with 6 runs in the first inning. Get an out or two or three already.

  13. Is Germano going to have to take one for the team tonight like Maddux did on Friday? They are showing Ledezma warming up so I guess not.

    Yay, an out!

  14. Danger! Danger! Danger Wil Ledezma! Get ready.

  15. They better let Germano go 7 innings, that’s his plan. And he’ll give up 9ER too.
    What a crummy start.

  16. Finally, a run.

  17. Very easy swing by Edmonds on that HR there. It went out in LF so it might be cheap but it was out fairly easily. Now we just need to see him turn on a ball and do the same thing.

  18. I wonder why Germano has been so good at home and not good tonight at Minute Maid Park. Go figure.

  19. How is/was it that on the play that Blum got thrown out at home, Pence did not advance from 2B to 3B? Turned out good for us … just seems odd …

  20. #8@LynchMob: I have pushed the panic button, knocked it down, and am currently jumping up and down on top of it.

  21. Nice throw by Shakespeare.

  22. 22: What we need is one of those Staples easy button to get a win for this team.

  23. #22@Field39: Thank-you … I’ve been feeling chastised and alone … it’s nice to have company … and now I understand how/why the panic button is broken …

    Words that, just 1 week ago, we never thought would be uttered in sincerity … GET LEDEZMA IN THE GAME!

  24. re: Ledezma … oh … never mind :-(

  25. Maybe Justin was just nervous having a former President watching him.

  26. yuck. this is a beatdown

  27. I am fast losing interest in this game er, spanking.

  28. Well, its not a panic button, but rather an “adjust your expectations” button that needs to pushed. Team is 500 at best, just like the good ole days. Maybe worse. At least the Dodgers at playing like sheet too and are the current NL West door mats.

  29. It would be nice if our guys would hit the HRs when runners are on.

  30. 31: You expect way too much. It’s either this or station to station baseball.

  31. OK, pinch hit for the pitcher and bring out The Obsession.

  32. Heck, that’s a pathetic bunt attempt.

  33. hairston is playing bad, iguchi- bad, edmonds- bad, pmac- so so.

    and the pitching is barely holding it together. only ones we can rely on are peavy wolf and bell….

    im thinking a trade or some call ups please.

  34. does anyone even read mlb.com or foxsports.com. i mean our offense is a huge joke to them.

    we need something.

  35. And the diamondbacks keep winning. Soon to be 6 games back. Oye!

  36. Chase Utley is good!