IGD: Padres vs Rockies (22 Sep 07)

Game #154
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Jack Cassel (1-0, 2.87) vs Mark Redman (1-4, 9.28)
pre: B-R.com

Mark Redman is the best pitcher ever. Not really, but if I tell you what I really think, he’ll throw a no-hitter. Go Padres!

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  1. Redman is still pitching? I figured after Atlanta cut bait with him early on that he was pretty much done for. heh…I guess when the pitching market is paper thin you take what you can get.

  2. World-beater! We’re doomed!

  3. Alright, that does it…

    Geoff, you’re hilarious.

  4. I have to get this off my chest: I can’t stand Mark (I was a shitty pichter and couldn’t cook fries at McDonalds) Grant. The sooner 4SD gets rid of him won’t be soon enough.
    He is a childish idiot whos only claim to fame is that he once pitched poorly in the bigs.

  5. Jack has shown a lot more talent than Germano as of late.

  6. Blown Save Alert …


    … a game with *3* blown saves … yo!

  7. If the Cards can show some life (they beat ‘stros today), you’d think the Dogs could too … sigh … yet another reason to hate Dogs …

  8. Greene’s throw was on the $. Good Job Khalil.

  9. They better not let this scrub beat them.

  10. Phils just took a 2-1 lead in the 10th. Runners on the corners and 1 out.

  11. now were batting, lets score

  12. It’s evident that we’ll be getting no help from the Dogs tonight (or likely tomorrow as well, unless Billingsley pitches a gem). Khalil’s AB that last half inning was irritating – we have got to be more selective against this guy. And Cassel is leaving his pitches up and over the plate. Not good.

  13. Wouldn’t it be swell to lose to the fringiest starter in the NL?

  14. holy crap this ain’t looking good. Pulling him already???? Bullpen got some work last night already……….

  15. I think this is a must win game for the Padres. Not because if they lose they will miss the playoffs because I still think they will make it if they lose tonight, but more because it’s Mark Redman pitching. If they can’t hit Mark Redman, than who cares if they make the playoffs? They aren’t going to score any runs so they will go 3 and out (again). Even a team that has given up (the Dodgers) scored 4 runs in 5 innings off him.

  16. Good move getting Cassel out of there, he wasn’t fooling anyone tonight.

  17. 6 … and the Red Sox induce a Blown Save …


  18. I’m watching on a bit of a delay, so this is comment is a bit late.

    But how on earth did Matsui not tag and go to 3rd on that long fly to Cameron? Cameron conceded 3rd by throwing to 2nd.

    I guess it didn’t matter, since Matsui scored on the single on the next PA.

    We’re asking a lot from our pen, given last night.

  19. 1 freakin’ hit off Mark Redman, I think I’ll watch college football for awhile….

  20. By far the most irritating thing abut this team is the way they flounder against junk throwing scrubs. Redman doesn’t even look like a real pitcher; he looks like a right hander who’s trying to throw lefty for the first time.

    I wonder what our runs per game looks like against pitchers with an ERA over 6?

  21. OK, a GOLDEN opportunity presents itself. How will they respond?

  22. now we have to make them pay! 3-2, bases loaded, one out, and Redman is done after walking in a run.

  23. Cammy, you CANNOT take a called third strike in that situation! c’mon!

  24. I am sooooo sick of us leaving the bases loaded with no results. Grrrrrrrrr.

  25. I love the Padres, but they are giving me an ulcer.

  26. Yeah, my TV is off. I’ve been keeping it under control this season, but this is a joke so far.

  27. I’m getting very sick of watching this team take called third strikes. Don’t know how many it’s been tonight, but it’s still ridiculous. They are not facing a staff ace here — this is against Rockies middle relief (and Redman, who isn’t any better).

  28. yeah, i have it on, but my back is turned to the screen

    but right when i was about to post this tidbit from mlb.com channel 4 beat me to it

    Rob Mackowiak will probably be out for the rest of the year with a double sports hernia.

    not a horrible loss but we could have used him.

  29. and can someone PLEASE reassure me that sledge will not be on this team too much longer

    he’s garbage!

  30. Man, we can’t get Hawpe out…

  31. we just gifted the Rocks two more runs. This is a BAD night for the good guys.

  32. ahhh. 6-2 are you kiddddding

  33. If I’m playing the Padres in the play-offs, I’m throwing my 3-4-5 starters at them, not the 1-2 guys….

  34. 33: I have a feeling teams wont have to worry about that… Padres offense disappeared and Phillies have a cake schedule.

  35. Tonight was a tough one to lose. We are in a little bit of trouble now. Well, we should have known that it would not be easy. This team is good….but is it really a 93-94 win type ballclub ?

    #34 Actually the Phillies don’t have a total cakewalk, they do have to host a Braves (7 games over .500) team that is playing better and will throw James,Hudson and Smoltz against them….the Pads must win tomorrow and then take 2 of 3 from the Giants. A miracle tomorrow in a Phillies loss and Padres win would save us all a couple of ulcers. A two game lead going into that Milwaukee series is what the Pads would ultimately love. Lets face it, more than likely the Phillies are going to sweep their remaining games against the Nats. Can the Braves go into to Philly and take two of three while we sweep the Giants ? This is almost what must happen. Even then, if the Phillies sweep the last series then we must take 3 of 4 in a Milwaukee just to tie.

  36. Tomorrow is the last game at RFK in DC and the Nats are 121-121 at home since their move to DC. I like the karma is here for an upset.

    Maybe the Nats will show up tomorrow and avoid the sweep.

  37. The backdoor cover of course is a Dbacks collapse, which is always possible. They have to end on the road for 3 in Colorado. A 1-5 finish for them is what need from them.

  38. Pray for a Marlins split tomorrow !! Need the Mets to lose as well. A huge Phillies finish coupled with more Mets scuffling means that we could be head to head with them for the Wild Card. We are only 1 game back of the Mets who finish hosting Washington (who have played the Mets tough this year) , St.Louis for one makeup game, and finishing with a feisty Florida team.

    BTW, another huge reason that tomorrow is a must win is that we can finally kick the pesky Rockies to the curb who would go back to 3.5 games back with 6 left.

  39. Big decision for Game #1 in Milwaukee – Do we start Jack Cassel ? If not, who gets the nod ? Do we go back to Germano ?

  40. 39 – I say go to Leblanc…