IGD: Padres @ Giants (26 Sep 07)

Game #158
time: 7:15 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Jake Peavy (18-5, 2.36) vs Pat Misch (0-3, 2.75)
pre: Padres.com, B-R.com

This kid made a lot of Padres hitters schwing and Misch the last time he faced them. Thanks, you’re much too kind; please stop throwing vegetables.

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  1. A disparaging thought: Against MIL we will have the same officiating crew that brought all of the controversy over Bradley. Will they be on there best behavior because they are now under a microscope or will they be out for revenge?

  2. 91: On the other hand, I bet the Mets are happy to be rid of the Nats (after dropping 5 out of 6 in the last week plus)…props to Washington for playing hard and props to Manny Acta for keeping the regulars in the lineup during the last week and a half.

    Too bad the Dogs completely rolled over for the D-backs and Rockies – their lineup tonight is disgraceful. Grady, you are playing the Giants to close out the season. Play the kiddies then!

  3. Re 100: Is his buddy still in jail so he doesn’t have to testify against him? I forget, since it’s been so long.

  4. Let’s make sure we take the HOT bats with us to MIL. Nice blast by Hairston!

  5. might be one of the best insignificant homerun calls ever: “Scott Hairston…now if that goes out, I’m not even gonna call it.”

  6. I love Hairston’s home run swing. I think every homer he’s hit this year has been that easy tomahawk with the top hand coming off.

  7. Re: 100
    I have a son who loves baseball with his entire heart and soul. He stands in the living room at the end of games and pretends to be Trevor. He adored our trip to the HOF. He looks up to these players and wants to be like them.

    Therefore, the behavior of a man who has a legitimate claim to the title of greatest player of his era does matter to me.

    And I don’t buy the Charles Barkley argument. Don’t want to be a role model? Don’t take the millions.

  8. 101: Well Winters got suspended so he wont be there. i think we will actually get more calls because they will be making up for poor decisions from sunday.

  9. does kouz ever make outs anymore?

  10. does bard every make outs anymore?

  11. Froemming is the only guy left. Winters was the 2nd; the other two weren’t part of the crew for the series

  12. Kouz up to .280

  13. 4 hits for Bardo tonight! 2 for Kouz with 2 RBI’s that puts him at the .280 mark. We have to keep this kid in the lineup next year, he is not a bench player.

  14. 103: If he was such a jerk don’t you think that Anderson would roll over on him like Michael Vick’s friends?

  15. I have been happy with Clark in center. Not quite the threat Cam is or the glove Cam is, but he plays solid defense and hasnt made many mistakes

  16. The main thing with Bonds is that he’s a jerk to the media therefore are view of him is always going to be skewed. As far as the idolizing thing goes, when you are a little kid you don’t know about players except for what they do on the field and when you get older you know that it doesn’t matter as much. And don’t bring up the whole steroids argument, if you disliked every athlete who didn’t use PED who would you cheer for then?

  17. re: 115

    Anderson’s loyalty does not mean that Bonds is a good person. It means that Anderson is loyal. Haven’t you ever known someone that was loyal to a fault?

    Or even someone that got a new girlfriend and blew off everyone he knew? Did that guy’s loyalty to that girl mean she was that great?

  18. Clark has been a nice pickup. Really, without him we’d be in deep right now. Sometimes the small depth moves like that are the ones that matter the most.

  19. 118:
    Schlom, I’ve been watching the man’s attitude and body language for twenty years as a season ticket holder and especially since he was a Giant. I’m not basing my opinion on Game of Shadows.

    My son has literally been a season ticket holder his entire life. He knows Trevor only has one kidney. He has pointed out players in restaurants. He knows. Kids usually are more aware of things than we give them credit for…

  20. 118: when you are a kid you can see he is a jerk to the media and you see all these controversies around him. You see him lying and you see his “friends” going to jail. Plus he cheats at the game you love when your a kid. I’ll bring up the steriods argument because it is part of what makes him a bad role model and makes him and ass. They break down your mind and your body and make you an angy volitile edgy person

    119: hit the nail on the head

  21. 107: Really got to disagree with you, Rich. Bonds being the greatest player of my lifetime, maybe ever, and at the same time an apparently (I hesitate to judge from a distance) really bad role model is perhaps a better lesson for our kids. Having one extraordinary talent does not prevent you from being subject to all manner of human foibles. There are tons of examples; a warning to us to keep from making gods of ordinary men. He apparently doesn’t feel he owes baseball fans anything other than his performance on the field. and I tend to think he’s right about that. So he’s a jerk; all the more reason to celebrate those who aren’t.

  22. 98: I’d imagine that we’d still find all of his flaws and pick them apart.

  23. Personally I’d rather see Germano go tomorrow for 3 innings and then come out. Just once thru the lineup basically – keep him under 60 pitches which is pretty much before where he usually runs into trouble.

  24. Cassel, Germano it wont really matter. We are going to have to score runs

  25. I hope Ledezma is left off the playoff roster.

  26. re:123

    dprat, that is a great way to take lemons and make lemonade. But I just see moments like tonight or the way he laughed with Jay Payton on Opening Night 2004 or the hug to Torii Hunter after being robbed in the All Star game and I just wish that Barry could let that side of him out so much more often…

  27. When you were 8 years old (when you idolized athletes) you didn’t know about off the field stuff. I doubt that many 8 year olds know about Greg Anderson being in jail and Barry’s mistress or the fact that he’s a jerk to writers. When you 14 or 15 you know these thing but by then you don’t care. I’ll admit that it would be better if he was more likable but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter.

    As far as the steroid use goes, the problem with just singling out Bonds (and the other few that we know about) is that we just don’t know what the other players have and haven’t used. We might find out later that almost everyone used them. If it turns out that Trevor used them (and I’m not saying he has, just an example) would it make him the worst person in the world?

  28. Ring was more useful than Ledezma I dont understand that trade. How did Startup do?

  29. 130 – I think Startup had control issues at PDX.

    Ledezma’s not a bad gamble though. I think he really needs an offseason and spring with the coaches, etc to have a shot.

    Now he’s just eating innings.

  30. 129: When your 8 and you idolize athletes, you do know about thier off field problems, epecially if you idolize the player. Its all opinion but we can choose to single out Bonds because of the way he conducted himself off the field.

  31. This race for the flag is beyond ‘unreal’. This earlier blog says it all:

    If the scores hold tonight, then if the Rockies win and Dbacks lose tomorrow and then the Rockies take 2 of 3 from the Dbacks and the Padres split with the Brewers then they will all tie for the NL West. And then I guess then the Cubs and Brewers could tie for the NL Central league. All 8 or even 6 teams couldn’t tie each other but there could be a ton of playoffs game.

  32. Yes, very nice win. I’m hoping Arizona is hearing footsteps. But a win at this time of year when 5 of the other 7 teams with a playoff shot lose is very sweet.

  33. re:129
    Eight years old was 33 years ago for me. I don’t remember what I knew then.

    But my son knows what steroids are, and he knows Barry has used them. (please remember that barry does not deny using them, only states he was unaware that was the contents of the Cream and the Clear). Nor have I hid from him that Phil Nevin, Ryan Klesko and Brain Giles may have as well.

    My son’s sports idols are Tony Gwynn, Trevor Hoffman and L.T. I have to say, I like his choices.

  34. someone just posted (10 minutes ago) on Baseball Think Factory that Peavy is penciled in to go on Sunday against the Brewers. There was no source. Anyone have any idea about this?

  35. Why is there Bonds idolatry floating through the IGD, it’s disrupting my post-game scan

  36. ok, the source is mlb.com on their probable pitchers page. any thoughts…

  37. 136: Rich, Those are good idols.

    129: The bottom line is kids do look up to these players no matter what us grown ups write on this blog. I think it’s good to point out the ones that are bad role models. Barry or Trevor? No question.