IGD: Padres vs Astros (18 Aug 07)

Game #122
time: 7:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Justin Germano (6-6, 4.16) vs Roy Oswalt (13-6, 3.32)
pre: Padres.com, SI.com, B-R.com

Jake Peavy vs Woody Williams was supposed to be the gimme, but it didn’t work out that way. Maybe the Padres can return the favor on Saturday.

San Diego has the worst ERA (4.50) among NL West teams since the All-Star break. The Rockies (3.88) have the best; they trail only Washington (3.86) in that category. Pitching carried the Padres through the first half (3.12 ERA); now would be a great time for guys like Clay Hensley and Justin Germano to step up their games.

Also, don’t give Lance Berkman anything to hit. Go Padres!

Update: I forgot I’d bought some baseball cards at Fort Wayne. Here’s Germano’s from 2001:

Justin Germano baseball card from 2001.

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  1. Bad timing. I received my bill for playoff tickets yesterday.

  2. geoff, looks like those are still peavy’s stats, instead of germano’s…

  3. Germano has the same stats as Peavy? We can dream….

  4. LOL, I think that’s the second time I’ve done that this year with Germano. My theory is that if I keep doing it, eventually it’ll become reality…

  5. Hairston is feeling better. We will need some luck to get him back 100% this year but if we do it will obviously help.

  6. Man I am really wishing Bud didn’t flip Peavy and Germano. After dropping last night’s game we could really use a Peavy to hold the Astros down since we are going against Oswalt, who owns us. This team continues to be immensely frustrating against mediocre pitchers. It really smarts to waste Peavy’s performance last night. Now we are staring a series defeat in the face…

  7. 7: Does anyone on the Padres have a 6-RBI game this year?

  8. Atlanta trying to make a 9-run comeback on the D-Backs in the bottom of the ninth. Two on, two outs, 12-6.

  9. Never mind – GameDay shows “In play, no out – Corky Miller grounds out softly to first baseman Tony Clark. Three Out”.

  10. This is not good…

  11. Yep…and we’re into the Houston bullpen..

  12. Wow, did Steve Quis really just say that?

  13. what did he say? I try not to listen as much as possible..

  14. Some “getting jiggy with it” reference.

  15. 5 games out and tied for the WC. Its clear we can’t win the NL West this year, we just don’t have the hitting. Winning the WC is possble, but is the piont. We can’t hit, so we’d lose in the first round. AZ refused to lose, has pitching and can hit. Prediction: Az and Bos in the WS. The only question is how to retool the team for next year. Clearly pitching and D can win the NL west when its down, but when its competitive, you need at least a little-leagues worth of offense. We don’t have that. Blame Petco certaiinly as these guys would probably be decent in other parks. Maybe we need the opposite of the humidifier. Chargers looked pretty good so I guess its football season.

  16. Please no more Termel Sledge. I think it was worth a try for the Pads to give him three or four starts in a row to see if he could finally show some of his potentia -but I think we now know all that we need to about this guy. Until Bradley gets back, the Pads would be better off putting Machowiak in left field from here on in.

  17. McAnulty is healthy again and swinging well at AAA. Why not give him a shot ? He is five years younger than “Crudge” so at least we are building (or finding out) about/ the future if we play PMac.

  18. Just back from the game. Tough loss. We had some opportunities, but couldn’t cash in on them. Berkman’s catch of Blum’s sinking liner in the third cost us at least one run, and Wigginton made several fine plays over at the hot corner.

    This one could have gone either way. Oh well, tomorrow is another day…

  19. Tied for the Wild Card with the fighting Phils in mid August. Is this not a recipe for some fun down the stretch ?

  20. Geoff-
    Hope you had a good visit to Fort Wayne. Wish I had known you’d been in town so we could have met up at the Castle. Maybe next time :)

  21. Thanks, Chad; I had a great visit. Sorry we couldn’t hook up this trip — things were a bit hectic, to say the least. As you say, next time… :-)