IGD: Padres @ Astros (27 Jul 07)

Game #102
time: 5:05 p.m. PT
tv: 4SD
sp: Jake Peavy vs Woody Williams

And then he resorted to quoting Loverboy lyrics…

Burning up the miles, there’s a full moon out tonight
I’ve got a high-heel Venus, doing twice the speed of light
Crank it up through the gears — see what she can do
Women and cars — everything they say is true

Seriously, that is terrible. Full moon? High heels? Speed of light? Crank it up? See what she can do? If you ever feel bad about your situation, just be grateful you never wrote those lines.

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  1. Astros showcasing Loretta at SS tonight?

  2. Padres talking about another deal-this one for Hillenbrand. It’s a minor league deal. I’d MUCH rather have Hairston up than Hillenbrand…

  3. Oh dear god not Hillenbrand.

    Hairston can probably play second base when Young pitches. We could go with an extreme offense alignment of Branyan at third, Kouz at short, Hairston at second, and Gonzalez at first. Maybe trade for Piazza and let him catch. That would be pretty hilarious.

  4. 3: Hilarious, and a little tragic. Yikes…

  5. Don’t send Jake first to third…
    We can’t afford our ace to get hurt in a pickle.

  6. It’s a good thing Babe Ruth decided to possess Milton Bradley when he was traded here.

  7. Anyone notice lately that there is very little corelation P/PA to R/G on a team basis other than for Phil. & Col., which are also at the top for OBP? An equal # of teams in the upper half of P/PA are in the lower half of R/G. Arizona ranks 3rd in P/PA and just behind SD at 14th in runs per game. The lowest scoring teams are both in the upper half of P/PA. Is P/PA an indicator of plate discipline?

  8. Jake looks good tonight

  9. 7: Teams that strike out a ton are going to be high in P/PA too, so that could be it.

  10. I’m happy to have Hairston, he’s got a pretty decent bat, although he hasn’t showed it yet in 07.

  11. 6: When Bradley is healthy he is a great player. Good power, good at bats

  12. At least Hairston has some upside, he is 27 years old and may still show his potential. It’s unusual though for team to trade within its division -especially when both teams are in a contention –I guess the D-Backs don’t think very highly of Hairston.

  13. 9. High K’s doesnt seem to apply to the 2 lowest scoring teams (Pitt&Wash) and oddly with their relatively high P/PA their BB’s are very low. Also OAKLAND the lowest scoring team in the AL has the 3rd highest P/PA. In fairness, 3rd tied with NYY who are 2nd in runs. Maybe someone can find a better correlation than team rankings. Also post a plate discipline vs. runs stat. I hope my tivo is working.

  14. Rotoauthority says that Hairston could be a
    “deep” sleeper.


    The story of Diamondbacks outfielder Scott Hairston is an interesting one. He’ll turn 27 in May of 2007. He’s still got just 374 big league ABs, most of which came in 2004. I know this is unusual for RotoAuthority, but I want to trace back over Hairston’s hard-luck history.

  15. Hit the roof?!!! Talk about a can of corn!

  16. At least we don’t have Linebroke to come in and mess this up for us.

  17. Newcomer here. Good story on the Padres website, has the rundown on Hairston (www.padres.com)

  18. Welcome 17. Good to have you with us. Thanks for the tip.

  19. checking in from the holiday Inn in Schenectady, NY…

    Nice to see Jake getting some run support.

    Amazing how hard it is to get any Padre news sans-internet out here. Have Geoff or Lynch contacted anyone?

  20. Good to hear from you Rich. I haven’t heard from Geoff, but LM checked in the other night.

  21. Wow. Thatcher is having a rough night.

  22. That was a High School mistake by Thatcher!!!!!

  23. Jitters maybe?

  24. And KT’s gonna get trade feedback in 3…2…1

  25. Finally. Our middle relief is just killing us and giving me acid reflux heart burn.

  26. See you all tomorrow. Later.

  27. I’m in the Holiday Inn in Schenectady, Rm 416… anyone wanting my cell number please email me at sdspotlight at yahoo dot com. I don’t want to post it on the public board. Would love to meet up with the gang.

  28. with the Hairston and Hillenbrand moves does that mean Cruz is on his way out?

  29. Hairston has struck out 1 in 4 at bats in his career, and has a career OBP below 300. I don’t get it, unless he was simply out of options and AZ wanted to get something for him. He’s a terrible player – my only guess is that he is the AAA OF that replaces Sledge when he gets thrown into a trade maybe.

    #14: “The story of Diamondbacks outfielder Scott Hairston is an interesting one. He’ll turn 27 in May of 2007. He’s still got just 374 big league ABs, most of which came in 2004. I know this is unusual for RotoAuthority, but I want to trace back over Hairston’s hard-luck history.”

    Actually, he has 550 major league ABs – roughly a full season – in which his line is 238/293/407.

    Considering how harshly you’ve treated Branyan, I’m surprised that you think Hairston’s any good. He’s way worse than Branyan (Branyan’s career #s – 227/329/479) – hell, he’s barely better than Bocachica (Career 215/272/355)

    A minor deal. The Pads also acquired She Hillenbrand tonight, on a minor league deal. Not sure what he brings to this team, and I hope he stays in the minors.

  30. What the hell are the Padres doing? They’ve eliminated their two good lefty hitters, Branyan and Sledge, in favor of a thirteenth pitcher and a guy who’s worse than both of them and hits right-handed. There are now no viable lefty bats on the bench. In fact, our bench right now is back-up catcher, Cruz, Hairston, and Blum. So now we get the joy of Cruz batting lefty some more. Presumably the team will drop a pitcher after Young is all the way back from being hurt, but then maybe we’ll have Hillenbrand come back up instead of Sledge (which would be bad). Best case scenario, we’ve exchanged Branyan for Hairston, which is a downgrade especially when you consider the lack of lefty bench options. Worst case scenario we’ve gone from Branyan-Sledge to Hillenbrand-Hairston. That’s awful. They’ve just made the team and bench significantly worse and limited possible matchup advantages. What the hell? These are minor things but they’re so obviously wrong that it really pisses me off.

  31. 31: That second sentence should include the disclaimer “bench” after lefty and before hitter.

  32. All I can say about last night’s game is thank god Bard got the start over Barrett.

    Oh and nice to have Peavy back.

  33. Just logged on today . . . Hillenbrand??? Oh, man, that’s terrible. I dread seeing him in a Pads uniform!

    I guess they got Hairston for a righty off the bench. I’m not really impressed by that move, though.

    It feels like they’re all over the place this year . . . here’s hoping it all works out.

  34. 19 – welcome to New York.

    34 – Hairston can play some 2B too, that’s what he came up as. Maybe be can give NOG a break.

  35. I see the memory master cleared waivers and headed to Portland…

  36. #31-
    Did the Pads cut Branyan? I haven’t found any transaction for that. I assumed Hairston was picked up for AAA depth. If he’s replacing Branyan then I really hate this move.

    And Hairston, BTW, hasn’t played second since 2004, when he was, by most accounts, a dreadful defensive 2B. I would think there are more moves coming.

  37. Hairston has way more upside than Branyan, is younger and has only had 600 PA’s in the majors so who knows ? I must admit, I don’t understand your love of Branyan (he has been brutal this year) but one thing is for sure and I happily concede, Branyan absolutely helped the Padres last year win the division last year.

    Also, I don’t see anything wrong with Hillenbrand coming off the bench, he is a decent hitter. I like every one of KT’s moves lately. Let’s have a blind faith for now as KT is one of the best GM’s in the game.

  38. 38: Hairston certainly has more upside than Branyan. The Hillenbrand move makes less sense to me as he’s really only a league average hitter.

  39. Plus if Hillenbrand comes up we won’t have any lefties on the bench. (Cruz doesn’t count). And by all accounts he’s an atrocious defender.

    As for Branyan, we’ve had this argument many times, and he actually has really contributed this year. At a minimum, he has been a heck of a lot better than Hairston.

    Mainly, why does the team not want any lefties on the bench? They do realize that most relievers are right-handed, right?