World Series IGD: Astros @ White Sox, Game 2

first pitch: 4:30 p.m., PT
television: Fox
matchup: Andy Pettitte (17-9, 2.39 ERA) vs Mark Buehrle (16-8, 3.12 ERA)

Unless you’re an Astros fan, Game 1 certainly didn’t disappoint in terms of being a fun one to watch. I wish Fox didn’t feel the need to throw cheesy graphics and sounds all over everything, but I suppose that’s their right. Maybe someone like Kurt Elling or Buddy Guy to sing the Star-Spangled Banner?

From an outsider perspective, the things that caught my attention were Willy Taveras driving the ball into the gap twice (when the Astros played the Pads this year, I felt like every time Taveras hit a ball in the air, it was a victory), Mike Lamb being allowed to face lefty Neal Cotts in a late-inning situtation with RISP (ESPN’s David Schoenfield didn’t understand that move either), Joe Crede‘s defense at third base, and Bobby Jenks‘ 100-mph fastball.

Vince Galloro offers a frame-by-frame analysis of the game at Exile in Wrigleyville. Lisa Gray gives her take on the contest over at The Dugout. And the rest of us, of course, wish we were in either of their shoes right now.

Game 2 promises to be another great matchup. Two lefties who work quickly and stay around the plate go at it. Chat if you’d like. Enjoy the game!

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  1. The thing I didn’t understand is why the hell Wandy Rodriguez was pitching. Unless I couldn’t see the 1 in front of Chicago’s 3, that game was tied.

  2. Richard,

    I think the answer is that Phil Garner has no idea what he is doing. People around here complain about Bochy — imagine if the Padres were saddled with Garner, aka Moron Manager.

    His idea of pitching changes is to bring in successively worse pitchers as the game situation more critical — gotta save the closer for the save situation.

    Padre fans should consider themselves lucky that their 3rd or 4th worse pitcher is their closer as we can get our best pitchers in the game in 6th through 8th inning instead of leaving them in the bullpen.

  3. I have to admit, some of Garner’s moves have been pretty odd. His non-use of Chris Burke in Game 1, and his choice of Jose Vizcaino over Mike Lamb in Game 2 (even though it worked) were puzzling.

    Did anybody flash back to Mark Langston when the pitch from Chad Qualls “hit” Jermaine Dye?