Blast from the Past: Fun with Mail

Back in the day, before we had comments, I used to run a mailbag feature every so often. Here are a couple of fun ones from Novembers past:

  • Mustang Sally, Bolero, and Spam. Self-indulgence at its finest. This is perhaps my “La Villa Strangiato” of all postings. It goes everywhere, whether it needs to or not. Also, while I was inadvertently working “Bolero” into “Mustang Sally,” I’d forgotten that Joe Walsh already pulled that trick in “The Bomber.” Still, if you’re going to rip someone off, it might as well be a guy like Walsh. And Ravel, for that matter.

    Then the rest of the post is devoted to answering spam:

    First up, B.D. from Loserville writes:

    Get your College Diploma today! No books, tests or interviews.. no classes either! No one is turned down.

    Thanks for the offer. Sounds totally legit and something I’d really like to be a part of, but I’m going to pass.

    Presumably I thought it was funny at the time.

  • Mailbag: Special Vinny Edition. Ah yes, who can forget Vinny Castilla? And remember when we were so excited about the thought of Clay Hensley, Tim Stauffer, and Cesar Carrillo behind Jake Peavy in the rotation?

    Two things stand out to me here:

    1. We were waiting on news of a potential Adam Eaton to Texas deal at the time. As I recall, that worked out okay for the Padres.
    2. I said something that turned out to be shockingly true (if this is overly self-congratulatory, it’s only because I get so few opportunities to say I was right about something):

      It sure looks to me as though the Padres are making themselves as lean as possible now to position themselves well for 2007. That may not bring comfort to everyone, but with the division as weak as it is, the Padres could still be competitive next year despite not fielding a great team; and as you say, ’07 should be exciting.

      Seems to me the Padres were competitive in ’06, and ’07 was exciting. I am the blind squirrel, and these are my acorns.

There you go. Happy, happy…

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