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Death of a Gunslinger

As you doubtless know by now, the Padres have fired GM Kevin Towers. It’s taken me so long to write about this because it is difficult for me to articulate my feelings. His departure hits me harder than those of Bruce Bochy, Trevor Hoffman, Sandy Alderson, or Jake Peavy. Towers was the primary architect of [...]

Blast from the Past: Random Bits of November

Let’s see, what were we talking about this time last year? Two years ago? Four years? Six? 2007 We were chatting with our pal Steve Poltz about music, baseball, and life: I have a song coming out on my new CD that’s called “A Brief History of My Life.” It starts off with us moving [...]

The Shape of Things to Come

Top of the ninth, two on, one out. Adrian Gonzalez steps to the plate. Braves manager Bobby Cox summons ex-Padre Royce Ring, who promptly hangs a breaking ball. Gonzalez swats it high and deep down the right-field line. He, catcher Brian McCann, and plate umpire Wally Bell all watch as it sails into the Atlanta [...]

Series Preview: El Lefty Malo Talks Giants

The Padres embark on their inaugural road trip of 2008. First stop is San Francisco, where long-time Padres skipper Bruce Bochy calls the shots but long-time Padres nemesis Barry Bonds no longer calls home. We caught up with veteran Giants blogger El Lefty Malo to chat about the upcoming series between these two NL West [...]

Padres Pick Up Black’s Option

The Padres have picked up manager Bud Black’s option for 2009 and reportedly would like to extend his contract even further. Quoth GM Kevin Towers: We thought he had a great year and he’s only going to get better and better. He’s a pro, he’s smart, he represents the organization very, very well. The players [...]

Prospects, Meetups, and Fantasy League

Uh-oh, another post full of bullet points. I am so jonesing for actual games… I’m seriously stuck in the past. The latest installment in my re-examination of the top prospects of ’98 is up at Knuckle Curve. Padres relevance? Rafael Medina checks in at #72, Ramon Hernandez at #74. Turning the clock back another decade, [...]

Black vs Bochy

I picked up the Bill James Handbook 2008 (aff link), and as always, it’s got all kinds of good stuff inside. Among other things, it contains detailed information on managers and their tendencies. Seeing as how the Padres had a new one of those in ’07 (Bud Black for those just coming out of a [...]

Interview: Steve Poltz, Part 4

In Part 3 of our chat with singer/songwriter/Padre fan Steve Poltz (poltz.com), Steve discussed the connections between music and baseball, Jewel, and the Ramones. In the latest installment, Steve talks about the Roseanne Barr incident, running up Bruce Bochy’s minibar tab at a hotel, and pelting his parents’ walls with marbles as part of a [...]

Managerial Non-Update

Sorry for the lack of managerial coverage — I’ve been dedicating almost all of my time to the book lately (hope you’re enjoying the excerpts). Here’s a recap of where we’re at and what’s next for the Padres in their search for Bruce Bochy’s replacement: All six candidates (Dusty Baker, Bud Black, Trey Hillman, Jose [...]

Wednesday Links (1 Nov 06)

In honor of Bruce Bochy’s departure, we’ll break free from an almost fanatical devotion to predetermined roles and let the situation dictate our actions. Here, a couple days earlier than usual, are your links: Future Padre – Adrian Beltre (?) (Padres RunDown). Peter Friberg continues his look at potential solutions to the third base problem. [...]