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More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About the Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual, and Then Some

Sit down and get comfy. Like, real comfy. Okay, not that comfy — put on a robe or something, will ya? With luck, this is the last update I’ll provide on the Ducksnorts 2008 Baseball Annual that doesn’t end with the phrase, “go buy it.” I’m expecting to deliver the manuscript to the publisher on [...]

2008 San Diego College Baseball Schedules

Here are the 2008 schedules for all colleges in San Diego county that play baseball, along with the date of their first home game. Let me know if I’ve missed anything: NCAA Division I San Diego State Aztecs — Feb 9 vs Alumni, Feb 22 vs USD University of San Diego Toreros — Feb 23 [...]

Spring Training and Book Updates

Okay, we’ve had a chance to come up with a spring training plan of sorts. From the poll, I see that the general preference is that we do this earlier rather than later. February 29 – March 2 is in the lead right now, but I have to say, the idea of getting way too [...]

Friday Links (4 Jan 08)

Got the coffee flowing, music playing: Massive Attack, Groove Collective, and George Benson if anyone cares. The Benson is his The Other Side of Abbey Road, which is full of Beatles songs and which absolutely sizzles. His guitar lines are so fluid, it’s disgusting. I mean, he’s not Joe Pass or Grant Green, but still. [...]

When Fernando Played First Base

My latest article, about a crazy night in Houston back in ’89, is up at Hardball Times. The game in question doesn’t involve our favorite team, although a few then-future-Padres played in it. Enjoy…

Interview: Steve Poltz, Part 1

Troubadour Steve Poltz (poltz.com) has been a mainstay of the San Diego music scene for the better part of two decades, starting with the Rugburns (“Hitchhiker Joe,” “Me and Eddie Vedder”), later collaborations with Jewel (including her monster hit, “You Were Meant for Me”), and a successful solo career. He also is a fellow USD [...]

Slow News Day

Between working on the book and transcribing an interview I did last week (which I think you’ll enjoy), I’m a little short on time. That and there isn’t much going on right now. I wish the list of six-year minor-league free agents would be released. I always like digging around for potential bargains. Probably says [...]

Weekend Winter Wrapup (29 Oct 07)

Congrats to the Red Sox on their World Series victory or whatever. Stephen said it best in the comments: Nothing warms my heart more than seeing Tom Werner standing on the podium to accept the WS trophy. For those who may have forgotten why we detest Werner in these parts, here’s a handy reminder. Aside [...]

Friday Links (26 Oct 07)

I’m terrible at faking enthusiasm. This World Series means nothing to me. I’d just as soon not see Tom Werner win another championship, but I don’t even care much about that anymore. Does this make me a bad baseball fan? I dunno. Maybe… Nevin: Poway looks like ‘Mars’ (San Diego Union-Tribune). Several Padres (and Chargers) [...]

Weekend Winter Wrapup (22 Oct 07)

Happy Monday, folks. I hope you are able to steer clear of all those fires… Friday, October 19 Mesa 2, Saguaros 0 (box). Will Venable, DH’ing and batting cleanup, went 0-for-4 with a strikeout. Matt Antonelli started at second and went 1-for-2 with a walk in the #7 hole. Nick Hundley batted ninth and went [...]