Slow News Day

Between working on the book and transcribing an interview I did last week (which I think you’ll enjoy), I’m a little short on time. That and there isn’t much going on right now.

I wish the list of six-year minor-league free agents would be released. I always like digging around for potential bargains. Probably says more about me than it does about anything else, but there it is.

So, I dunno. What’d you have for dinner last night? I had spaghetti with meatballs. Mmmm…

Winter Leagues

  • Mesa 13, Saguaros 12 (box | recap). What a goofy finish. This was a 2-2 tie headed to the seventh. The Saguaros scored five in the top of the ninth to take a 12-6 lead, then coughed up seven in the bottom half. Yeah, who’s your closer now? Anyway, Will Venable doubled and struck out twice in six at-bats. He played left field and batted cleanup again. Still seems weird to me that he’s in the #4 hole everyday, but whatever. Nick Hundley, batting eighth, doubled, singled, and walked in five trips to the plate. He also drove in three runs for those who care about such things. Probably the most encouraging news is that John Hudgins made his first start of 2007, allowing two first-inning walks and a ground ball single in the second. He threw 49 pitches, 29 for strikes, over three scoreless innings. Hudgins is coming off essentially a lost season, but I wonder if he might be a dark-horse candidate for that #5 spot in ’08?

The Caribbean leagues all took Monday off. Slackers…

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  1. Wow Cameron got a B?

  2. Mike Cameron is on XX saying he’s been suspended for 25 games for a banned stimulant. Bad timing.

  3. Do you guys think the Pads will offer Bradley arbitration? If he accepts they will have to pay him around $4 mil next season which is a gamble because who knows when he will be ready.

  4. Re: 52 ouch, ha maybe the Pads would be able to get him to sign a 1 year deal with an option now.

  5. 52: Wow…that’s too bad. I still doubt that it will drastically effect his FA value. He’s still a guy that we certainly offer arbitration too IMHO. Bradley and Barrett probably don’t get the offer.

  6. Schilling lists Padres as one of the 12 teams he would Consider playing for.

  7. Following up on Cameron, he said that they tested everything he had in his house, but couldn’t find what it was. He said if the Padres would have made the playoffs he’d have been inelligible. He also acknowledged that he will take a hit in FA since he loses the 1st 25 games. He also said he wanted to break the news so that he thought it would be the best way to handle it.

  8. So Cameron tested positive for something he said he never took and MLB can’t find anything at his house which is tainted? Sounds like he may have gotten rid of the evidence, I like Cameron but what other conclusion can we draw?

  9. Really interesting that he got popped for amphetamines. Horrible timing.

  10. Another name for the CF carousel: Luke Scott of Houston. The Astros have already talked to the agents for Hunter and Rowand (see link).

    Scott is no youngster (he’ll be 30 next year), but he has a career 882 major league OPS. Away from Houston it’s 893. His minor league OPS is 900. If we go to more accurate numbers, his career EQA is 294. He’s barely played center in the majors, but he did in the minors, and even if he’s not adequate there he’d be a good bat for RF.

    He’s still pre-arb and might be at the start of 2009, because he’s only accumulated a season and a half of service time at the major league level.

  11. Re: 60 what do you think the astros would want for him?

  12. 61: Don’t know. If they sign one of those two, they move Pence to RF, have Lee in LF, and his price might go down – Kevin Cameron reliever / Josh Geer territory. If they don’t sign a FA centerfielder, then Pence stays put and Scott might be penciled in for right, which would make the price higher.