Random Friday Stupidity

I was hoping to have some original content today, but it’s been a long week at work and I haven’t been able to formulate my thoughts on various topics as well as I’d have liked. Here are a few things I’m wondering right now:

  • Why did Chase Headley suddenly discover plate discipline on June 12 (zero walks in first 88 PA this year; 16 in 110 since then)?
  • Why does Jake Peavy pitch about as well in losses as Nate Robertson does in wins, and what would Peavy’s record look like with Robertson’s run support?
  • Why do some people think I’m an optimist?
  • Were the 2003 Tigers really worse than the 1969 Padres? (Hint: Check out the run differentials; also note that Dmitri Young had a better season than Nate Colbert, and the Pads got exactly zero innings from guys with an ERA+ of 100 or higher.)
  • Why did the Padres once forfeit a draft pick (used by the Cubs to select Rafael Palmeiro out of Mississippi State) to sign Tim Stoddard?
  • Why is Cheryl Ladd doing commercials for heartburn medicine? That poster is so coming down now.
  • Where is my coffee?

Happy Friday, folks. I hope you survived…

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  1. #47@Mark Ase: Check out how Darnell, Smoak and Havens did in 2007 …