Me, Elsewhere: Contrasting Defensive Styles

My latest look at the NL West over at Baseball Prospectus (freebie) considers the respective defensive approaches (or lack thereof) of the Giants and Dodgers. And I offer a few thoughts on the Padres’ opening weekend series win in St. Louis:

Most people don’t expect much from the Padres in 2011. Three games doesn’t change that, but it’s encouraging to see the starters give up six runs in 19 innings in the house of a presumed contender, one led by the best player on the planet. Considering that their ace, Mat Latos, isn’t even on the active roster thanks to shoulder bursitis, San Diego will take it.

Enjoy… And Happy Home Opening Day!

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  1. I’m glad you took the time to comment on the terrible incident at the ravine. It’s horrific and what the heck is wrong with some Dodgers’ fans?